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Thanksgiving activities will end on Friday, and have not got the players will work harder!

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The updated

1. Fix the start problem
iOS 3.x 2. Fix the problem of Japan data upload list

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heart of good players recently found out that she accidentally left the ring in the Thanksgiving Day in small packs. He returned to the ring after Lili,4gb mp4 players, also received a mysterious prize too!

access method task:
1, open the small packs Thanksgiving there will be some chance get \2, to Lili,where to find zhu zhu pets, it will be a talisman,kids watches, \

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Start time: at 11:00 on November 24 is
End time: at 23:59 on December 3
Task Location: Anatolian city of Al 2

above grade to 15 players can go to Al 2 Anatolian city of Thanksgiving to accept the task to find Lili.

1,leather strap watches, the collection of tasks (repetitive tasks)
LV15 or more players, to the Algerian soul remains Shaguai lake or collection of 10 variations crystallization Thanksgiving exchange small packages.
2,toy watch online, Li Li reward (daily tasks)
Every day an opportunity to challenge the player Red Dragon, is divided into senior and junior,gpad tablet, the rewards are also different.

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HD version is designed for a Retina Display the iPhone4, iPod Touch 4G, and the iPad design.

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LiquidIce's Nintendo Wii Hacks

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Wii Hacks, News, and Info. Find out about Wii Hacks and tricks such as: Converting video to Wii format. Running homebrew software and Games. Compile Wii Linux. Wii Home Control. Wii Web Browser. Wii WiFi Functionality

Wii Hacks         

Monday, January 18, 2010 AirDeck Wii Theremin and DJ Scratch App

Joel wrote in:
I just found your blog... pretty cool stuff! I just wrapped up work on my Undergrad Project and thought I would share it as it may be of interest to you and your readers. It is a Wiimote theremin synth and DJ app. It uses Infrared LED gloves I made to control pitch and volume and manipulate samples. You can check it out here:

Posted by LiquidIce at 10:30 PM Labels: wii || Del.icio.us | Digg It! || 6 comments

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 Wii Motion Plus

Wii motion plus, the highly anticipated addition that was announced at Nintendo’s E3 2008 and featured in their 2009 E3 conference. What Wii motion plus offers is a more 1 to 1 control over what you are doing with the Wiimote, what this means is all the games that have had huge draw backs to the fact the controller has issues being picked up by its very own sensor sometimes, this improves that connection capability. You can currently get Wii Motion plus with EA’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, Grand Slam Tennis, and you can also purchase it seperately.


Posted by Steve at 6:44 AM Labels: wii motion plus || Del.icio.us | Digg It! || 0 comments

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 Load Games from HD with Wii 4.0 menu Hack

Last week Lifehacker shared a great hack to let you back up and play your Wii games from an external hard drive. That hack has been made easier by eliminating the need for a Wii downgrade.

Why would you want to play your games off a hard disk? Wii games cost anywhere from $20-50, while an external hard drive that can hold all your Wii games—assuming you don't already have one on hand—costs $100 or less. Backing up your games to an external hard drive attached to your Wii costs less than the replacing two premium games, and has the added benefit of loading your games radically faster.

Read full article here:

Posted by Steve at 6:42 AM Labels: wii 4.0, wii load games, wii menu hack || Del.icio.us | Digg It! || 0 comments

Monday, June 15, 2009 Wii-mote Skins

The year 2009 is full of new innovations from Nintendo Wii and its team. We are experiencing a new gaming experience thanks to the wonderful work of the staff. The massive market of amazing new Nintendo Wii games and with multi player mode give us the opportunity to play with our family or friends.

That is why I like havin different Wii remotes, different colors and now the Wii remote skins give me that occasion. You have many different colorful products that will satisfy your needs no mater if you are a women or man, you have colors from pink to green or blue and many others. Make your game play more colorful with the beautiful covers for your Wii remote.

More info:

Posted by Steve at 7:33 AM Labels: wii mote skins, wii remote skins, wii skins || Del.icio.us | Digg It,Networking USB! || 2 comments

Wednesday,wifi tv phones, June 10, 2009 Vitality Sensor info

At this year's E3 Expo, Nintendo revealed a new peripheral for Wii called the Vitality Sensor. This little gizmo fits on the end of your index finger and can measure certain stats about your body's state. Now some extra info has come out describing how it all works.

The Guardian newspaper says this device uses a small light sensor to look at your blood flow and calculate things like how hard you're breathing.


Posted by Steve at 10:25 AM Labels: wii sensor, wii vitality, wii vitality sensor || Del.icio.us | Digg It! || 1 comments

Monday, March 23, 2009 Nintendo DSi Hacking

Bushing from Hackmii has started a wiki to collect information related to to hacking the NDSi. It is released April 3rd in Europe and April 5th in the States. Stay tuned for more info! Or bookmark this wiki:

Posted by LiquidIce at 3:12 AM Labels: Nintendo DSi || Del.icio.us | Digg It! || 4 comments

Google Earth Homebrew on Wii

Check out Paulwagener's Google Earth app running on the Wii

Read More from the developer or download it at TehSkeen

Posted by LiquidIce at 2:57 AM Labels: wii homebrew || Del.icio.us | Digg It! || 0 comments

Sunday, December 28, 2008 Wii Hacking Message Board

While not related to this site in any way,iphone 4 screen protectors, it's been a while since i've posted and thought you might like to see this link.

Here you can talk with other wii hackers about all sorts of wii related things. We don't run the forum, but it looks very active,wireless for ps2, so give it a try.

Posted by LiquidIce at 8:41 PM Labels: wii forum || Del.icio.us | Digg It,sound card surround! || 1 comments

Sunday, July 27, 2008 Gamecube and Classic controllers banned in US

Anascape, a texas based company, sued Nintendo for violating a patent of Anascape's controllers. Nintendo lost the lawsuit. Instead of paying the $21 Million bond, Nintendo has decided to take all the controllers off the shelves.

This isn't the first time Nintendo has been sued, but none have ended like this. As of July 23rd, no more Gamecube or Wii Classic controllers will be sold in the US.... bummer.

How will we play oldschool wii shop titles now?

[news via wiiusers.net]

Posted by LiquidIce at 6:17 AM Labels: wii || Del.icio.us | Digg It! || 13 comments

Sunday,data logger gps, July 13, 2008 Wii Homebrew Channel Launched

The Homebrew Channel is a homebrew application loader by Team Twiizers which allows users to load homebrew applications without having to run the Twilight Hack every time. Once installed, users can access the channel from the Wii Menu just like any other Wii channel. It can launch homebrew applications in dol or elf -- either from an SD card, or via TCP or USB Gecko using Wiiload. It is also capable of downloading online updates for itself.

The Homebrew Channel can be downloaded from the official site:

Posted by LiquidIce at 6:56 AM || Del.icio.us | Digg It,led digital watch! || 2 comments

Sunday,audio sound cards, February 24, 2008 Wiibrew chainloader and Twilight Hack

Everything you need to know about the latest wii loader can be found on wii brew's wiki:

The Twilight Hack works by employing a lengthly character name for the horse in the game ('Epona') in order to facilitate a stack smash. This gets triggered when talking to the man next to you when you start the savegame as he loads the name to use it in his dialog or upon entering the next zone when the game loads the horse for you to ride.

Nice work guys!

Homebrew is starting to trickle out. We have a wii mode MP3 player and a Wii SNES Emulator released recently. More to come soon, I'm sure...

All made possible by dumping ram. Kids,nintendo wii battery pack, don't try this at home

Posted by LiquidIce at 10:32 PM Labels: chainloader, wii hacks, wii Twilight Hack || Del.icio.us | Digg It! || 7 comments

Sunday, December 30, 2007 Wii Hacked - First Homebrew Demo

Even better than Hello World, the hackers at 24c3 have figured out how to run their own code on the Wii. By using what they call a 'tweaser' method, they were able to launch the Wii in Gamecube mode then trick the chips into dumping their contents. After rummaging through the dumps they were able to pull out the encryption keys and used a hole in Lego Star Wars cd to boot their own code. The app they demo in the video shows output coming from the Wii-Mote, proving that it is running in Wii mode and not in Gamecube mode.Previously all homebrew was done in GC mode where memory and hardware was limited. Now with access to the Wii mode, homebrew developers can begin to write apps that take advantage of all the hardware, including wiimote, Wifi,dstt v1.17, Bluetooth, etc.

There are no additional details on when the information will be released so others may write their own apps from the wii. The next step is to get libraries built or obtain an sdk so more apps can begin to get ported to the Wii. It sounds like lots of work still needs to be done before we will see any useful applications come from the Wii homebrew scene, but 2008 is going to be a good year for wii hackers! Stay tuned@!

Read more:


Interview with the hacker who cracked the Wii


Additional Information from xiaNaix @ PSX-Scene:
* They got the wii keys, and we could use them without hacking our wii again.
* This hack requires a drive modchip to execute the code.
* There is not any tool to sign the code, but it’s coming soon.
* They are working to access to the SD thought EXI.
* There is not any stack homebrew for bluetooth
* A linux port for Wii will be released easily.

Posted by LiquidIce at 12:12 PM Labels: wii boot cd, wii hacks, wii homebrew || Del.icio.us | Digg It! || 9 comments

Head Tracking - VR using Wiimote

Johnny Chung Lee demo's his Head Tracking Virtual Reality system using the Wiimote.

Watch the video:

Posted by LiquidIce at 12:10 PM Labels: wii virtual reality, wii-mote || Del.icio.us | Digg It! || 3 comments

Sunday, December 23, 2007 Wii Browser SDK - Javascript API Supports 4 Wiimotes

I came across this on Ajaxian. It looks like opera has opened up the Wii Internet Channel to developers. You can now use Javascript to poll data from all 4 wiimotes.

The Wii Remote data is accessed through the opera.wiiremote object. This object offers a single method opera.wiiremote.update(n) which is used to obtain the status of an individual Wii Remote. The method expects a single parameter; the Wii Remote number. The number is zero-based, so it starts at 0 for the first remote, and ends at 3 for the fourth remote. The method returns a KpadStatus object, which has several properties that give information about the remote. [source]

There is good info and examples here:

Developers: If you create something using this new API, send me the link, and I will add it to the Wii Portal

Posted by LiquidIce at 8:49 AM Labels: wii browser, wii opera, wiimote || Del.icio.us | Digg It! || 0 comments

Saturday, November 24,car tracker gps, 2007 Wii Maintenance Mode

Has anyone figured out what this does yet?

You may be already aware of this, but the Wii has a maintenance mode that can be accessed by pushing the + and - buttons and then pushing A at start up. I just got a reply from Nintendo about an Inquiry. Feel free to post it. Here is the message unedited:



At this time, the “Maintenance Mode” you discovered has no functionality for consumers. If at some future point a consumer application for this mode is made available, it will be revealed on our website (www.nintendo.com).

Even though it appears—with the exception of the Wii Message Board—that everything functions normally in this mode, we do not recommend using it at this time.

Nintendo of America Inc.

Posted by LiquidIce at 2:27 AM || Del.icio.us | Digg It! || 14 comments

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Think Progress Flashback phone call from God, Mike Huckabee

ThinkProgress Wonk Room Yglesias Progress Report Think Progress Flashback: Huckabee's Phone Call Fayi Zi in the November 29, 2007 Shakeel at 14:16 Flashback from God: The CNN / YouTube Huckabee calls the debate last night

from God, a questioner asked the candidates - \Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee jokingly replied: \

It is appropriate that Huckabee was asked of him, because in the past, the former Baptist minister who asserted that the ability directly to God.

Republican Governors Association Dinner in 2004

, Huckabee took the floor and started to deliver, his cell phone rang. He took out his cell phone pocket, and started with God have a dialogue with President Bush's re-election:

Huckabee: Hello? I'm sorry. I was in the middle of an event. Who is this? This is God? For my phone? How did he get my number? Oh, God, everyone's phone number. OK? Yes, I'll wait.

Huckabee and God is in 3 minutes after switching back and forth, in which Huckabee claimed that God and the Republican Party and President Bush are:

behind us [Bush], yes, sir, we sure. Yes, sir,usb bluetooth adapter, we know you do not participate in elections on both sides. However, if you did, we kind of think you'll be there hanging us, Lord, ah, we do.

Huckabee then ended his talk, and off the stage roaring applause. ThinkProgress has obtained the 2004 Republican fund-raising video. Look at it:

As Matt Taibbi

Rolling Stone said, Huckabee's religious fanaticism has potentially serious consequences:

This is what God

not only with the Huck. First act as governor was to prevent the funds for mentally handicapped teenager who is raped by her stepfather medical abortion - the federal law, requires States to cover the case of abortion, rape, acts of direct infringement. \\

As president

, Huck would support a constitutional amendment to ban abortion, and will give the back seat of religious science. \\Standard F in schools, first grade, among other things reflected Huckabee's hostility to the teaching of evolution.

Rudy Wells from his former wife's phone, the answer is from God, Huckabee direct dialing.

Digg it!


governor. Mike Huckabee (the R - AK): We are very pleased that you can join us here this evening we can hear the ongoing presidential ...


Mike Huckabee: Oh, my God. I'm sorry.


Huckabee: Hello? I'm sorry. I was in the middle of an event.

Who is this? This is God?


Huckabee: on my phone? How did he get my number? Oh, God, everyone's phone number. OK? Yes, I'll wait.


Huckabee: Yes, God? Yes, sir, I am right in the middle of the president's arrival. Yes, sir, he is. Oh, yes, sir, he is here. Yes.


Huckabee: You see, you said you want, you need a signature. Oh, Sampson. As far as I know, yes, Lord.


Huckabee: And, you know, God, this is a very big event. We've got a lot of people, I have only a short time here. Oh, you've got the world all the time. I understand. Yes, Lord. And you want me to send a message. And it will be?

Yes, sir. Ah, we have to, yes, sir. We want to do the right thing. And as our president. And we are behind him, yes, sir, we sure. Yes, sir, we know you do not participate in elections on both sides.


Huckabee: But if you did, we kind of think you'll be there hanging us, Lord, ah, we do. So ...

(cheers and applause)

Huckabee: Yes, sir. We will those good things. I see. You negotiate with the president and his, for your kindness. And we know it. And we know that, yes, sir. Family and marriage and the American people and all the people and the children.

And, yes, sir, I can tell you that we all committed to do so, and the whole army of people here, we guarantee that we will do our best to do that, sir. Yes, sir. Well, thank you for blessing me, we will bless you. Thank you. And thank you.

(cheers and applause)

comment 1702 print
672 Responses to \is God? Ideas and to speak on his behalf at 14:22 Dave ?

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today:

This is so phucked up it goes beyond belief. In fact, the audience cheered, the performance is even scarier 2 pm 25 robryan
07 ?? 11 ?? 29 said yesterday:.

This is so beautiful, when its inventor and master, ?????????, do this <. P> 11 ?? 29 ?? ???? 2 ? 25 points miracle camel 2007 Ralph said:? ? ?

science and every generation changes and new discoveries, God did not press the t

. In other words

, scientific progress, so it is doubtful

07 ?? 11 ?? 29th, 14:28 Menehune said:

Jeebus. He may refute the existence of his evolution. I believe he is a good man, all from this than Kucinich's UFO freakier

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 ?? 29 robbez_92107 at 2 pm, said:. I'll take the guy

any UFO week, thank you

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29th, 14:29 Pakistani boy said:.

ah, the things of God, you know invisible magic elves in the sky thousands of years ago by primitive people. There is no such thing as this \

I do not like any candidate must believe in something that does not exist, suggesting that they think they can not get rid of the original cave, more informed decisions about anything.

atheist = bred thought / religion = primitive superstition

Buck fourche

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 at 2:30 robbez_92107 said:? ? Comments by the Menehune


ah Oh, damn. . At the same time, no less

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 at 2:30 tarazan said:

This is why Pat Robertson, who always speaks with the support of Giuliani to God, not Hcukabee. . Pat does not like comptetion 2 pm 31 happybill

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said Wednesday:

Geez. Amazing things, is clearly a joke, should be a joke, full of distorted look like something it is not. George Burns three times claimed to be God, and I guess he is a busy and new conservatives. Steve Carell himself with God. Another right wing nut job, I think. ,dance revolution pads! Please people - learn how to joke At 2 PM, 31 JPV

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today:

people need to be completely eradicated from the earth before the animals as soon as stupid. To do any more damage in the 14:33 Roger_Roger

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said Wednesday:

have a joke for the death penalty and oppose abortion. Similarly, it is a joke against the death penalty and abortion

2007 ?? 11 29 at 14:35 tender chicken, said:.

So, Huckabee is 100% of the highest office in the land failed. . End of story at 14:35 thebobh

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today:

Geez. Amazing things, is clearly a joke, should be a joke, full of distorted,zhu zhu toy, like something it is not? Take a look? ? T claim to be God George Burns three times, I guess he is a busy and new conservatives. Steve Carell himself with God. Another right wing nut job, I think. Please folks - learn how to joke


Commentary by happybill? \ Huck is not a joke. Do not be a dung that he had. Any so-called Christians, we should ahv Kangwo in the evaluation of claims and all-round need is spirit. . Oh ... and the joy of the bull by the Celtics at 14:35 cynical * He

07 ?? 11 ?? 29, saying:

Mike Huckabee and other politicians would do, say,all card reader, just to get votes. . And their supporters should be noted that corruption is a farce

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 14:35 thebobh the day, said:

Mike Huckabee and other politicians would do, say, just to get votes. Their supporters should be noted that corruption is a farce.

Celtics cynical comment? \

but they will not. They have been proposed, as wahhabist hunt killers of our people are now narrow. Do not give them any thought of credit. They werent learned how to think, how to do ... for the rest of us is not a good deal, at 14:37 the miracle of the camel, said Ralph

07 ?? 11 29:.

George Burns claimed to be God three times, I guess he is a busy and new conservatives. Steve Carell himself with God. Another right wing nut job, I think. Please folks - learn how to joke


Comment by happybill? \

another wingnut who can not tell the difference between fiction and reality.

George Burns did not \He was in the movie God. Three times. Write down the words read to him.

Steve Carell does not \He played a role in the God who is with the film.

Tut. This explains why people like torture wingnuts. . They think that \ Commentary by happybill? \

We know how to put a joke. We believe that Huckabee's entire campaign a joke, so we can at every opportunity

2007 ?? 11 ?? in 29 ???? 2 ? 37 clb72 said, it's fun:. .

God speak English well, that this is a second language

- Austin Lounge Lizards, Jesus loves me, but he can not stand at 2 pm 37 PatrioticLiberalChristian You

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today:



I think God is a socialist

2007 ?? 11 29 at 14:39 Roger_Roger said:

# 21 Do you think God is what freedom and democracy? Castro, you are not you

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29th at 2:40 in the miracle of the camel, said Ralph:

R2, no one is \No one cheered, the fetus was aborted. People think that more abortions will not be a good idea. Except perhaps Bill Bennett when he was talking about black children.


in person, you say \like our worship of God who, he is treated with something of awe. . I think it does not matter if the Republicans, who are so accustomed to using his political purposes, \We take a look ...

First of all, Hillary Clinton event in their own factory question, by all the exemption clause, this is a misunderstanding, \CNN said that Hillary will do with it, of course, her (assuming that the reporter asked her, but I would not bet a lot.) Only this guy how to CNN's attention? A chance? Once their radar screen, he selected as how to get out of tens of thousands or even question it? Also by chance? Some fledgling Cable News Network reporter happens to think he is a good choice?


This is the same Hillary Clinton who is seen in the abuse of prosecutorial I have detailed in the most flagrant episode [second-hand Mike Nifong]. In other words, this is the same ?-??????? who orchestrated the prosecution, is designed without accounting for the White House Travel Office Mr. Dell himself in the crimes, but has been free, but asking him out so she can give her friend tourism business Thomasons.

and Hillary, this is the dim wit who groan at 14:41 the loss of integrity and political

Ministry of Justice, November 29, 2007, said:. ? ? ?

tons of other wingnut who can tell the difference between fiction and reality.

George Burns did not? ? ? T? ? ? Claim to be God? ? ? . He was in the movie God. Three times. Write down the words read to him.

comment on the miracle of the camel by Ralph? \ By the way, we all know that God is a black woman anyway, the miracle of the camel at 14:41 Ralph said

2007 ?? 11 29:.

Todd - more

2007 ?? 11 digression 29 in where? 14:42 PatrioticLiberalChristian wrote:


God is a socialist, because he likes people, in fact he likes them. He is very social, perfect socialist, in fact. . No good at 14:42 happybill

07 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today:

wow. So all you people that he came to a \In fact, he just never give up this \Use some gray matter, folks ...

at 14:43 Squegeeboo said, November 29, 2007:

Oh phosphorus, do not envy the selling has a direct line to God, you do not

November 29, 2007 at 14:43 Menehune said:

God, Huckabee said the Republican Party and President Bush

is This is the prefect

old Testement, God is so cunning and all. When we got there, part of the angel of the Lord to stay the hand of Bush, like his red button of the moment, he said: \

11 ?? 29 ?? 14:43 said that in 2007 Albert:

the problem is that conservatives will like this - especially the abortion stance, he sounds reasonable, he would also like to - when he the daily show the audience (Jon Stewart's audience!) cheered him repeatedly.

07 ?? 11 ?? 29 14:43 fog cake that day: </ p >\

ah, no. I'm sure God is not theirs.

By the way, that is really smart questions, someone asked him. . Dodge, a typical political response, but also

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 14:49 lanefiller day, said:

Huckabee than anyone what is really like face to face should try this funny (but it is the actual situation) column interesting:

07 ?? 11 ?? 29 Valentine's day obstetrics and gynecology 14:49 Guido said:

Who is the \. Weird things in 14:51 StratRat

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today:

Please, folks - learn how to joke


Commentary by happybill

we do not 'learn' to joke, we have become presidents. . And a troll joke, if you ask me 14:52 PatrioticLiberalChristian

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said Wednesday:

I RogerX2 chancesX2 gave me his \I think I will say that ByeX2 at 14:53

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 ?? Leftside Annie said:.

Oh, crikey. . I will be 14:54 Frosty the cake throwing

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today:

cold Left:


just wanted to let you know, I answered your Crist announced yesterday. I just came back to the thread in the evening. Want you to know I'm not ignoring you. You happy thread. :)

now back to the topic at hand ...

2007 ?? 11 29 at 14:55 Witch1 said:

another yawn thread disciplinary ...

2007 at 14:57 on November 29. Colonel Jack the Ripper said:

Toasterhead: \In the time of Jesus
, people can be stoned to death claimed that God was thinking.

and Roger, God may not be socialist, but he is more like a communist than anything else out.

? ? ? For everyone many people, given that he should be more is required. ? ? ? ? \

and he is definitely a \

, \ill you came to my help, when you come visit me in prison. \ ??????- Matthew 25:35-37

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 14:57 barefoot day, said:

Why is it that only the creator of the universe talks rich old white Republican man? God is a lobbyist

2007 ?? 11 29 at 14:58 StratRat said:

so was my God, the same as the Jewish God? or a Hindu god? or Muslim God? or Mohrmann God? or Aztec gods? or Jehova's witness to God? or so. Baptist Church of God? or Catholic God? or the Protestant God? or Quaker God?. ... Oh, well, or at 14:58 thebobh

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today: Of course the Catholic


2007 on November 29 at 15:02 Squegeeboo said:.


Colonel Jack the Ripper Jesus is more like a communist than anything else.

and he also has amazing ability to put two fish in a fish, and to heal people.


until there is a cost to do the eve of 15:02, in the real world, any comparison / reference is a serious lack of

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 days free method, said:

This is a happy and Interestingly, when Bob Newhart bit it.

very terrible, when a pair of American Taliban, is

07 ?? 11 ?? 29 ?? ???? 3 ? 04 pm in the dark wisdom, said:. ? ? ?

science and every generation changes and new discoveries, not by God? ? ? T,? ? ? He said. ? ? ? Therefore, I? ? ? Stick with God if the two would conflict. ? ? ?

God does not change? Do not use the world is flat? Is not the earth is the center of the universe? He not back up these false theories (and death)?

people's views change with every generation of God. . To accept and reject based on their respective parts of the Bible to prove or disprove that particular moment in time 15:05 Clumberfeet

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today:

the use of bolts to speak of God. Lightning, fire and sulfur, salt pillars and I - call Anne pm 3:06 Leftside

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today:

Yanno, we all know, Huckie comedy bit is considered to be ... < P>

But the fact is that after 6 years of suffering under a president who is a madman who talks nonsense antisocial asserts that God himself gave him ...


So, let's just say this is not funny at 15:07 Wayne

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today:

Huckabee = Nucking Futz

11 ?? 29 pm 15:09 2007 Squegeeboo said:

God wants you to vote their conscience.

, a new candidate to run in 15:11 this year, Dave ?

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today:

and he has the magic ability to turn a fish two fish, and heal.

until the cost of doing so in the real world, any comparison / reference is a serious lack of freedom approach.

Commentary by Squegeeboo? \
completely missed your comment on any of the lessons in the Bible. Do you think people will do the right thing, as long as they do not spend anything. You will get from the \George W. Bush considered the \As he waved, and he has instructed the trillions of dollars to help the poor and needy. Instead, he waved to them and the aircraft, bombs fell, the soldiers attacked. If he waved pro-poor without it, you will be worse, you are today, which will make its cost, so as not you care about. You can spend no reason to attack a country for your money, but you need some more reasons to use the money to help the sick and poor. Strange key 2007 ?? 11 29 at 15:11 Zimzone said:.

real question here is who is the God of telecommunications services, and how long

in the Sept. 11, God's telecommunications products began in



2007 ?? 11 ?? 29th, 15:12 miracle camel Ralph said:


God wants you to vote their conscience.

, a new candidate to run this year?

Comment by Squegeeboo? \

not from I've seen ???? 3 ? 13 AngryOne said

2007 ?? 11 29:. In last night's Republican CNN / YouTube debate

, Rudy Giuliani provided a rare moment of candor to the American Bible and his own. When asked if each word of the Bible, is simply true, Giuliani said, many of which are \campaign. In the Gospel According to Rudy, the 9 / 11 terrorist evil war hero story is not literally true, either.

For the details

, please see:

\impression of Huckabee's performance at the time of the last, when it should be a serious (\Typical Republican \Do you think people will do the right thing, because it is not so long? ? ? T cost them anything. You will get from? ? ? Magical ability? ? ? Jesus. Considered? ? ? Magical ability? ? ? George Bush. As he waved, and he has instructed the trillions of dollars to help the poor and needy.

You're right, but not help anyone, he should only help the rich / powerful. Think of all the opportunity cost of his absorption, to help people who are in Pakistan 15:17 boy: move power or wealth
2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 day shift so that he can not:

\small differences. atheists and religious fanaticism \ Yeah, right .... Sorry Bartlebee but you are wrong, you just do not know it.

Back fourche

2007 ?? 11 29 at 15:24 Dave C said:? ? By the Squegeeboo

comments \ regardless of Playboy. After further thought you had thought ... \Even if there is such a \Leftside Annie said. : Bart - Zealots come in all varieties - not just religious. . I mean, look at our trolls look - they are fanatics in the afternoon 15:29 Leftside Annie

07 ?? 11 ?? 29, saying:

ah. But then again, I think Bush may * qualify as a religious cult. ...

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29th, 3:30 pm Peter said:. As I

said that as an atheist fanaticism and closed minds to religious fanaticism

Comment by BARTLEBEE? \.

This is a very narrow view the incredible lack of information in 15:31 Frosty cake
2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today:

I like Hello Kitty's worship. ! Extra for everyone

11 ?? 29 ?? 15:32 Squegeeboo 2007 adorability said:

Dave ?

Even so? ? ? Magical ability? ? ? One way to help free the Republican Party the ability to commercialize and tighten, and try and the poor become brazilianaire.

so sure, because you're missing one important component. Jesus is the Son of God. At this point there is no real upward mobility, unless he would try and dispose of his father, for he does have any real or opportunity 0 costs associated with it, just as he was playing video games, why not good reason, this is not 't cost him. For a normal person has supernatural powers along the lines of Jesus, there are still based, can be realized in this world, the opportunity cost of revenue, the only world, we certainly exist, but not able to go to heaven after Jesus. Here he was tired of

07 3:35 PM vet said Wednesday ?? 11 ?? 29:

have a joke for the death penalty and oppose abortion. Similarly, it is a joke is against the death penalty and abortion.

Comment by Roger_Roger? \----------< P> Allow me to explain deficiencies in your logic. You do not seem to consider the reasons that people of faith:

Republicans oppose abortion because they believe \The problem is that they do not use the same logic to the death penalty.

Democrats opposed it because a lot of evidence that many poor black people have to their crimes without the death penalty, death commitment. We are \Did not get a bunch of Christians on Sunday morning

you see the logic behind it does not conflict with the views of Democrats, because these are Repukes.


07 ?? 11 ?? 29 ?? 38 ScrewBush at 3 pm, said:? ? ?

** Warning: No joke **

If you think cell phone routine is a joke, then you are incompetent. I personally know who Bush's voters sent Bush voters wonderful singular. This is the question of God. These people can not talk about any social or political issue, because there is no question whether or not the candidate is just walking and talking to God. If you are using one of their definition of God, then they have problems with decision makers make all the decisions, because it seems to be God's decision. In essence, they do not really need democracy, only to see a God that my father all over the country.

I hope that everyone, including all Senate and House of Representatives, Electrical and Mechanical Services, will be one or two hours per week watching Christian television. If you think that love star fox is a GOPer, try CBN. You will rarely hear your soul, the Ten Commandments and all things. This is mainly political. Here's a joke:

* Did you know that Democrats are evil racists

* Do you know should be grateful to the Civil Rights

Republicans * Did you know that activist judges are of God the school

* Did you know that Dubya is the first true Christian POTUS

* Did you know that the Founding Fathers to establish a Christian nation

* Did you know that the Indians were massacred, so that a Christian country

* Did you know that Jesus wants you rich

* Did you know that persecution of Christians in the United States

* Did you know that Muslims are pure evil

* Do you know why the United States of multiculturalism is to go to hell

* Did you know that homosexuality is for this reason, the United States to go to hell

* Did you know that homosexuality led to abortion
* You know Hollywood is why the United States to hell

* Did you know that God wants us to bomb Iran?


phone if you think God is a joke, then you are out of Americans who followed the path of the majority of the Republican gospel hawkers. What about all of this I have to pee, I know I pay taxes to support these ass clowns. Every time Nancy Pelosi and all that BushCo directly to their religious network more tax revenue dollars, those dollars eventually in the pockets of these TV preachers. Where our tax with a brain wash more Americans vote Republican, because they are God's party. Just ignore the underage sex, homosexual relations, all cheating wife, theft, bribery, and many other crimes, because they are devout

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 ?? ???? 3 ?? 39 pm in the dim wit that . :

As I said, even between the world of atheists and religious people is not very different. You? ? Re both fanatics.

Commentary by BARTLEBEE? \

I have diagree. \

One can be religious and not be fanatical.

. You can also non-religous, still not in the afternoon 3:40 Squegeeboo frenzy

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today:


As it slowly dawn on you and the Pakistan Boy, you'll never prove that God does not exist ???????? Bailey can prove that a do, maybe you? ? Be aware of their fanaticism? ? ? Religion? ? ? , That is,silly bandz princess pack, atheistic beliefs.

So flawed, claiming to be an atheist religion.

atheist (most of) 'believe' in what can be proved. Gravity, physics, math, so and so is not a true faith. Makes me long-term misuse. People do not believe that 1 +1 = 2, that it is equal to 2.

religious need you to believe things can not be proven (God), and in some cases, believed to have been disproven (the Earth's age).

atheism, you have to know what can be proved, or at least a lot of facts and observations (about 45 million years the Earth was old) support, to those who can not be proved or supported (God) skeptical.

a need for faith, the other requires knowledge

07 ?? 11 ?? 29 ?? 42 gulfwargrunt at 3 pm, said:

I know people who do not want their taxpayer dollars are spent on the war (including Some people take who \? Why anti-abortion groups have insisted that government money is not spent abortion, but no one can dictate where the money returns at 3:42 pm Ralph miracle camel

07 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today: < P> Bartlebee, how mean \It sounds like you are confusing the term \

I never see any

seek to impose their morality on others atheists a mass movement. It seems to me is a fanatacism at 15:43 barefoot indicates that

2007 ?? 11 29:.

in only requires I get my phone from flying Spagetti monster. He usually just called to tell me God does not exist

2007 ?? 11 29 at 15:43 Ralph's miracle camel,disco light, said:.

Bartlebee, maybe it will help you provide some evidence that atheists fantacism?

2007 ?? 11 29 at 15:47 the laws of nature, said:

Bartlebee,itouch 8, between an atheist and religious people a huge difference.

If you have not noticed

, religious people believe that some ancient people to write some text, some more disturbing is that, by a man, the film is said to be a top-secret (or stupid), write some text. These people in different ways to interpret the works they want to understand the peoples of the world.

an atheist aware, has not been to or from one or any number of God's communication.
? If both atheists and religious fanatics men
is, then you ?? 29 ?? ????
11 ?? 47 ?? 3 Veterinary Medicine in 2007, said: Comments from the ScrewBush
\39 points??
----------< P> No doubt! I'm not religious, not by me too political, until the Bush POTUS for the first time run. I never really know (or care) what is the \
From their church, see some video clips
service, I have to admit that these people are really weird me out!
really make you want to know what is between you and evangelical average cult
2007 ?? 11 ?? 29th at differences in 15:49 Leftside Annie said:
Bart - I'm an atheist, but I'm not fanatical about. I was kind of Christianity.

* shrug *

2007 ?? 11 29 at 15:51 Squegeeboo wrote:


Atheism is a God or theology, this is a fanatical religious fanatics in doubt.

strange, I did not find that line anywhere in the Wikipedia entry, but I did find is:

Atheism as a philosophical point of view, position, or is not confirmed the existence of God [1] or reject theism. [2] When a broader definition of atheism is the belief in the case of the gods, also known as nontheism [3]. [4 Although atheism] are often the same as atheism, religion, philosophy, such as secular theology and some of Theravada Buddhism, there is no personal faith in God some of the species.


Practical atheism

Proved, or pragmatic, atheism is also apatheism called
, live like a man, if there is no God, and explain natural phenomena without resorting to the sacred. The presence of the Lord God is not denied, but may designate unnecessary or useless

theoretical atheism
Theory, or meditation, atheism explicitly assume that the argument against the existence of God, in response, such as Pascal's wager from a common design or theistic argument argument. God's reasons for refusing commitment to a variety of psychological theory, sociology, metaphysics, epistemology, and forms.

So it sounds like my original point is still valid. You need to understand there is a negative between the proof and evidence to the contrary (or in this case, the doubt and a negative belief) a huge difference. Then, maybe you'll begin to understand the difference between atheism and religion

07 ?? 11 ?? 29th, 15:52 veterinarian, said:. ? ? By the Squegeeboo

comments \----------< P> But who's first? :)

This is a home game against atheism to Christianity heated discussion. Are there other people who can be sure but no

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 ?? ???? 3 ? 55 impeachcheneythenbush know what to say:

\(American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr)

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 day 15:57 Rix said:

\Family and marriage and the American people and all the people and the children. \

So, unless they are poor.

and black.

and Nora lived in the ninth ward.


and SCHIPs

07 ?? 11 ?? 29 ?? 3:59 pm Ralph rely on the miracle of the camel, said:

to decide this, I believe, or I do not? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? T believe it? ? ? Based on no evidence whatsover of two parts, and then enthusiastically promoted by half, is a very fanatical definition.

Comment by BARTLEBEE? \

I do not think you have a very good dictionary.

Here's a pair of \ an extreme, without prejudice enthusiasm, passion in religious or political,

mark of a person or by an extreme, there is no enthusiasm inspired a career.

two examples here, as the primary criterion for an extreme fanaticism. You seem to think that anyone who believes things can not be proved to be a fan. In other words, you are the same as \This is wrong. It is not likely to be a fanatical believer. . It is actually a system, in my experience

11 ?? 29 ?? 16:00 Zimzone 2007, said:.

God is an atheist at 16:01 Squegeeboo

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29, and said:

Decision? ? ? I believe in this? ? ? , Or? ? ? I do not? ? ? T believe it? ? ? , There is no evidence whatsover in the two parts of the base, and enthusiastically advocated by one of the two, is a definition of fanaticism.

Actually, do not believe things without evidence is justified. And evidence to believe that: no.

Think about this, said:

100 + years ago, people say the moon is made of cheese.

Here is the evidence at the time: you can see the moon

. These two views may be correct, there are ways to prove / deny it

Then, as science advanced,usb tv tuner card, one is proven wrong, the other has been accepted.

there is one God, is responsible for all
Evidence: There is no evidence, try to use the fact that there is a universe to support any concept of God is flawed, it would be like without the moon, but the use of cheese, that there is a large ball made of cheese floating in the < / p> days

With anything to support the idea of God is set, except for some old national imagination, you are either forced to take the scientific route,boys watches, do not believe, or go the other route, and accept every concept of God, including Pastafarianism, Frisbetarianism and any other cult or religion, has always been as in 16:02 Dave C said that the right choice
2007 ?? 11 29:.

This is good news I have been crucified to put it? ? There.

Comment by BARTLEBEE? \

Ha ha ha. . Cross in a religious discussion

2007 ?? 11 29 at 16:02 tender chicken, said:

George Burns three times claimed to be God, and I guess he is a busy and new conservatives. Steve Carell himself with God. Another right wing nut job, I think. Please folks - learn how to joke

Commentary by happybill? \ These are the movies, nitwit example. Are you kidding? If not, then you're crazy. . Buhbye

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 ?? 03 gummitch at 4 pm, said:
atheism is a God or theology, this is a fanatical religious fanatics in doubt

Commentary by BARTLEBEE? \

If you modify the statement said: \I know I've met atheists as religious zealots, Dangdang, people who believe in the nonexistence of God, their followers are willing to label as proof of complete stupidity.

11 29 January of any spiritual or religious fanatics so strong in 16:03 in 2007, said a dim wit:

Nice. Now try to solve my writing, rather than invent a strawman I never said, to answer you.

Comment by BARTLEBEE? \

and check your definition. It confirms what I said.

Commentary by BARTLEBEE? \ Post # 76. You say: \

and you do a flaw inherent to say. It is impossible for anyone to debate your position. An object does not exist, people, things, God can not be disproven (which is you ask me) How can I or anyone proved a non-existent object does not exist, if the object has never been in the presence of the first.

Please see the concept of falsification. . Wikipedia has a about it

2007 ?? 11 29 at 16:03 Good article said Wayne:

atheism is a God or theology, this is a fanatical religious fanatics in doubt. - BARTLEBEE

I'm sorry, but I must respectfully disagree.

I am an atheist. I do not believe that invisible guy in the sky. I rely on scientific knowledge, which can be proven.

I can give a flip who is the invisible man in the sky that as long as they do not try to impose my belief.


Please explain why this is fanaticism at 16:03 Pete

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29, and said:

for me only. I do not \I just do not see any evidence of the existence of God. I think I can safely say that most atheists have the same feeling.

From Wikipedia


atheism as a philosophical point of view, position, or is certain of the nonexistence of God, [1] or reject theism. [2] When a broader definition of atheism is the belief in the case of the gods, also known as nontheism [3]. [4] Although atheism is often equated atheism, religion, philosophy, such as secular theology and some of Theravada Buddhism, there is no personal faith in God some of the species.

many claim to be atheist, skeptical of all spirits, and cited the existence of God, lack of experimental evidence. Others think that philosophy,wii fit balance board cover, social or historical reasons for atheism. Although many atheists tend to call themselves secular humanist philosophy, such as [5] and natural, [6] There is no ideology or behavior, and all atheists adhere to the set.

I would not group, \lack of understanding of atheism. In fact, it shows a fundamental lack of understanding, this is not possible, or even issue

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29th, 16:05 miracle camel Ralph said:. Oh

here on a regular basis, people vehemenently deny the existence of God, and they laugh at those who believe in God and fanatical madman. They give their views, thousands of fervent faith, no God, which makes them fanatics, at least, is a typical armchair religious fanaticism fanaticism.

Commentary by BARTLEBEE? \

I will give you some \

but certainly these fanatics to judge others, who may or may not believe in God, but not loudly announced.

in the presence of a few fanatics can prove your proposition, I believe, a person must be a fan. In fact, the presence of any believer (or non-believers, as the case may be) Who is your definition of less than fanatical expilcitly disprove your argument that the definition of one (or one claiming to be Christians that matter) is a fanatical atheist .

course, if you define \You already have a solid argument. . This is just based on a wrong word at 16:06 veterinary

07 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today:

then this is the message I have been crucified
be there? ? ? .
Comment by BARTLEBEE? \---------< P> Dave ? first step. Crucified is an interesting choice of words. :)

11 ?? 29 ?? ???? ??? 06 gummitch 2007, said:

I know (by a fanatical atheist) are atheists are also atheist, a clear distinction, which is obviously a / atheist, not others.

I drift back and forth between the spirit of agnosticism and a variety of explanations, because, basically, I do not know what is real. Sometimes, I believe I know, I fully believe that I was wrong

other time November 29, 2007 at 4 pm 08 gummitch wrote:.

over the news is mixed, but most of them seems to be that Huckabee is not qualified because he is a Christian.

Commentary by cold_hard_left? \ more evidence, if people need, you find yourself reading what is written

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 ?? 08 toasterhead at 4 pm can not say:.

over the news is mixed, but most of Huckabee seems to be incompetent, because he is a Christian.

Comment by cold_hard_left? \No. He

incompetent, because he's a science, deny the religious fanatic who is pretending to talk to God, his cell phone at 16:09 Squegeeboo

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said yesterday:.



So let me help you in that Rafi River Ouse.

try the first two sentences.

atheism as a philosophical point of view, position, or is certain of the nonexistence of God, [1] or reject theism. [2] When a broader definition of atheism is the belief in God is not

Hey, this is hard, right?

weird, does not meet your first Wikipedia says there are, but what I said they.

But let us try to explain once again, simple:

When the broader definition of atheism is the belief gods do not

faith of God (the lack of any possible proof) is not the same suspect (due to 0 proof), like the gods.

like: faith (lack of any possible evidence of) the belief that God is not the same as the same (because of scientific evidence, data, confirm the opinion, etc.), as explained things thundering, earthquakes, the sun. Scientific explanation of all things has been, has been attributed to God, or God's will, fighting each other, or God, or God's chariot with a pull at 16:09 Namtillaku said Fireball

2007 ?? 11 ??29. :

Atheist = conceived ideas / religion = primitive superstition

I do not like any candidate must believe in something that does not exist, suggesting that they think they can not get rid of the original cave, more informed decisions about anything.

comments by the Pakistani boy? \ The question is whether there may be an atheist, has won the presidency? I do not think we have evolved far -. Just my opinion

Also, is there any candidate running now who does not believe the fairy tale in the great miracle of the camel at 16:09 Ralph said

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 ??:

This is a very warm Christianity vs. atheism discussion. Are there other people just do not by who? ? ? Know for sure?

comment by a veterinarian? \

then this is my information? ? ? Have been crucified on there.

Comment by BARTLEBEE? \

wrong, Bartlebee. You have been \

and the \. Pretty polite and reasonable, but also

2007 ?? 11 29 at 16:11 Squegeeboo wrote:


It's fanaticism, because you have you? ? ? Belief systems ???.< P> there is no basis

and the lack of information-based belief system that anyone can be considered as indicate fanatical passion, and if they belief to others.

No failure. You need to take even drag my normal standards, is some serious logical flaws the logic courses.

it does have a foundation. It is based on science. People believe that because they live on earth, there is evidence of its existence, it is believed gravity, because when you go, let things fall to the ground.

atheists are atheists because there is no evidence, or has been (confirmed), to support the existence of any God. Until there is something that you can point to, science, support a God, we have no reason to believe that one.

so simple. The basis of religious belief and no need. Atheism is not

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 day 16:14 Peter said:.

Also, is there any candidate running now who do not tons of great fairy tale that

? ? ? ?

Comment by Namtillaku? \ Not even close. . Atheist is a single group, effectively prohibit the public for religious reasons at 16:14 toasterhead

07 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today:

wrong, Bartlebee. The message you? ? Have been? ? ? Crucified for it? ? There is an atheist is the same as big? ? ? Fanaticism? What is the definition? ? As a Christian.

comment on the miracle of the camel by Ralph? \
not from I've seen. He seems to say that atheists are as fanatical fanatical followers of fanaticism. Not all Christians to preach, but also do all atheists. But those that do often make other people look Mickelson said at 4:15 pm Patriot bad
07 ?? 11 29:. Thomas Torquemada is not extreme for sure, but still


Commentary by BARTLEBEE? \ What is the load.

mixed in the above message, but most seemed to be that Huckabee is not qualified because he is a Christian.

Comment by cold_hard_left? \

any other load

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 day left-handed Patriots 16:16, said:.

I like, I think that a two year old troll

? ? ? .

Commentary by BARTLEBEE? \

I think I was in 16:20, said Wayne read a

07 ?? 11 ?? 29 ??:

frenzy, because you have your belief system there is no basis ???.< P it? ? ? . >

Commentary by BARTLEBEE? \

such as expression of my \

can prove that, while the invisible guy in the sky can not.

Why you do not have that faith in science is a fanatical Ralph 16:21 miracle of the camel that

November 29, 2007:.

not from what I've seen? ? . He seems to say that atheists are as fanatical fanatical followers of fanaticism. Not all Christians to preach, but also do all atheists. But those that do often make other people look bad.

Commentary by toasterhead? \

he has come to the message. But he began to say:

as a Aethist fanaticism and closed attitude to religious fanaticism. Whether you can prove that you request, but you talk as if the matters are resolved accuracy.

I attended \

but he did not make that distinction. In addition, he repeatedly criticized their own fanatical atheism, there is no logical basis to these criticisms. Only later, in his discussion of the \. Most of his criticism is not based on behavior, but the fact that faith or do not believe there is sufficient reason for either a long-term in the afternoon ?? ?? 24 toasterhead a \There does have a foundation. Where? Is based on science. People believe that because they live on earth, but it proved? ? ? The existence of gravitational people believe, because when you go, let things fall to the ground.

atheists are atheists because there is no evidence, or has been (confirmed), to support the existence of any God. Until there is something that you can point to, science,iphone stereo headset, support a God, we have no reason to believe that one.

Comment by Squegeeboo? \

science and religion are not mutually exclusive. Einstein on his research on how to consolidate his belief in a creator some very exciting offer. In his view, God is e ^ 2 = mc of the author.

On the other hand

, using scientific methods to prove the existence of God, in essence, a fake. Religion is a faith-based. Proof denies faith, rendering God useless. . Especially if the Babel fish is so far found in 16:25 Ralph

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 ?? miracle Camel said:

I do not think a pre-defined belief system? ? ? ? ? ? Priority to one.

Commentary by BARTLEBEE? \ What is \

You do not believe in God? Is not it almost 16:27 southpaw Patriot

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said Wednesday:

Bartlebee seem to think of atheism as a belief system here. Although I can not speak for all people, atheists, I know have become atheists, because they can not find reasons to support the system, on the \Not a true atheist agnostic, they are not in their minds the problems of God, do not think this is a belief, but not disproven since the emergence of mankind in any way, truth, shape or form, can be positive proof . . To call a belief does not seem consistent with the definition of the word

2007 ?? 11 29 at 16:27 Peter said:

Back to the topic. Here is a quote from the website selling:

My belief is my life - it defines me. My faith will not affect my decision, it drives them.

As I said last night

. This statement means that it has not, his confidence than the other, will affect his decision. I may be wrong, but for me, this position made him a public failure.

OT: Faith is not belief in a thing does not mean its opposite. In addition, many religions lack \I do not understand any of them enough to change my position, but as an atheist, I do not laugh at them. I saved my cause damage to those who use religion to contempt. I think the selling of the category. If I told him that contempt, and his ilk, to take one by another insult. This is a self-inflicted wounds

07 ?? 11 29 at 16:28 southpaw Patriot, said:. ? ? By the Pete

Review \

I agree
2007 ?? 11 ?? 29th, 16:29 Wayne said:.

frenzy, because you have your belief system ???.< P> no basis for it? ? ?

Comment by BARTLEBEE? \

more I think about it in this sentence is probably the most ridiculous thing is that I have ever seen you post.

you have any facts to support at 4 pm 29 Squegeeboo, you

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 ?? on the basis of the conclusions that:



atheism is the existence of a god or theological distrust

strange, I say you:

Atheism is a God or theology, this is a fanatical religious fanatics in doubt.
In this second part

never displayed, even in the Wikipedia entry for interpretation.

your way, brought back horsesh $ t claim that it is not loaded, and then I posted the first two sentences is that, exactly what I said.

In addition, an entry in my wiki (after 99, which is strange that you begin to re-release of two of the same sentence, take a small insult) of the first article, along with the further definition and the first two sentences of atheism explanation, you still seem to overlook, in what can only be described as a 'CLiF definition version of the comment here favor. I do not know to the exact wording and definition of cherry picking is when multiple offers.

But back to my standard line, I am still waiting for an answer:

What religion need not prove that

beliefs Atheism needs it hard to believe, now have not been confirmed

you know, left-handed at the 4:30 pm Patriot said the inherent differences between the two lines

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 ??:

Dingsi him? Crucify him!

- Andrew Lloyd Webber

2007 ?? 11 29 at 16:32 Squegeeboo said:

Laity Patriot

To call a belief that no press? ? ? T seem consistent with the definition of the word.

in itself, and if you do not first define how you use faith as a sticky area. Some people use it to describe, can not be proven, but just to accept things, others use a loose form, where they believe that 1 +1 = 2, and they believe, because it can prove to be correct.


Even the most standard definition does not seem to separate the different beliefs, but only, and at 16:34 Squegeeboo basic, most simple definition

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today: </ p > BARTLEBEE

Religion is a Mountain to expand his thinking to go beyond science and hard data, ways to teach them things. This may be futile, but at least it's a try.

Really? I think religion as Mount explain what currently can not explain, because science has not so far way forward. Zeus Lightning was disrupted, and now we know that it is caused by the cloud electrical discharges. Earthquake is due to God's battle, or simply because he / it / they are very angry, and now we know that this is plate tectonics, etc., etc., with the continuous progress of science and religion have been less and less, in addition to providing views of afterlife people, who knows, one day science may be far

07 ?? 11 29 in 16:38 Peter said:.

these beliefs affected the real problem is they can not imagine the absence. They do not at 4 pm 38 toasterhead alternative

07 ?? 11 ?? 29 ?? belief that:

Bartlebee seems to think that as an atheistic belief system here. Although I? ? ? T speak, all the people, atheists, I know have become atheists, because they can not find reasons to support the system is dependent? ? ? Faith? ? ? And? ? ? Confidence? ? ? Rather than the investigation and proof. Not a true atheist agnostic, who is no doubt in their minds the existence of God, and Don? ? ? T think this is a belief, but the fact that body? ? ? T has been the dawn of humanity disproven in any way, shape or form, can be positive proof. To call a belief that no press? ? ? T seem consistent with the definition of the word.

Comments from the left-handed Patriots? \ Basically, everything is a belief system. Do you have any evidence to prove the existence of anything? In fact, everyone is still filtering through the observation of the five senses. From the most fundamentally, you have to make decisions that you can see the unconscious, hearing, touch, smell and taste is real not a dream or hallucination is. Each of the fact that all the observations, prove that each of you involved in the project was based on reality or in the first conviction.


Sorry, this is a bit Matrixy,ipad charger oem, I know that in 16:38 Chesire11

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 said today:

quality I have never seen any attempt to impose what they believe the movement of atheists ? ? ? Morality of others. It seems to me is a fanatacism sign.

Ralph wonders


Oh, I do not know, seems like the French Revolution and Napoleon, the revolutionary Mexico, the Soviet Union, the People's Republic of China come to mind ...

problem is neither religiousity

not atheism. The problem is intolerance. . An intolerant atheist, just as an intolerant Catholic

2007 ?? 11 29 at 16:40 toasterhead persecution able to say:? ? ?

in itself, be a difficult area, if you do not you use the first definition of faith. Some people use it to describe, can not be proven, but just to accept things, others use a loose form, where they believe that 1 +1 = 2, and they believe, because it can prove to be correct.

Commentary by Squegeeboo? \

This is not true. 1 +1 can equal at 16:41 on the 10th law of nature that

2007 ?? 11 29:. Bartlebee

therefore suggested the Government to do something specific based on their religious beliefs, you call me a fanatic about the things they go their own? ! ?

You seem to want to put a person's two camps - religious belief systems and non-religious belief systems, but you do not belief systems. You are confusing me hell.

I am an atheist because I do not believe in God to speak to anyone, any person or secretly left the news, they can not contact anyone to know it's God or think or hope 4

2007 ?? 11 29. : 42 Time Squegeeboo said:


Where? Not true. 1 +1 can equal 10.

Hey, I do not mind, like your computer, do not use the binary further confuse the issue.


(Hint: Wikipedia tells you that this is a non-existence of God, which is another way of saying such a belief, God does not exist)

Once again, please take a logical process. ! Just because a \appreciate what you say you stand, Bartlebee, but you've left the rest of my statement. I admit that I write to you refers to the general's \intended as an atheist, because as an avid same thing.

when, in fact, what do you mean? Because what you write, because it seems my original with the most need - you to consider the definition of atheist is fanatics 16:44 Wayne

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29, and said:.

You can not believe that the data be sure, but only ruled out the existence of a more powerful force, perhaps the role of all this is stupid to me.

Comment by BARTLEBEE? \ good, so maybe we can create an assumption that the Big Bang is actually a God sneezing. This means that everything in the universe, including us, nose God. =)

though, because this is still a hypothesis has not yet been confirmed as a fact that it can not.

Hey, this is fun, we can create a new religion, the Church of God, nose, which will have as many as the factual basis of any other church.

OK, the Add / Snark tags in the afternoon 4:45 =)

2007 ?? 11 ?? 29 ?? barefoot, said:

over the news is mixed, but most of them seemed to be that Huckabee not suitable for the office because he is a Christian.

Comment by cold_hard_left

No, the message is mixed. . Huckabee is not qualified because he is a nutjob

2007 ?? 11 29 in the afternoon 4:45 toasterhead said:

religion is often the most intolerant. I do not? ? ? T whether you believe in fairy tales, but make sure you, STFU when it comes to the government on the basis of the operation of your fairy tale.

Republicans hate the fact

comment? \

I do not agree.





4. Are you sure?



Oh. I see. . . .

It is not.



Of course not. Do not like it?



Nothing. Zero.

Come on.


You know it.

atheist = bred thought / religion = primitive superstition



Is the case.

Comment by BARTLEBEE? \

1. 2. 3. 4.

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1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. Once.


. . Why?

1. 2. 3. They are not.







. . . .


Or both.

Do not be afraid.


. . .



3. I think not.

2. Bay 2.


1. 2. 3.

1. 2. 1. Copyright? ? All rights reserved.

1. Copyright

So what? So what?

Good. So what?


You know?


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