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Dessert practice

Shuangpi Nai
Shuangpi Nai white color,CA women long shirt, aroma, imported fresh, three being of the entire, done not difficult.
ingredients: a bowl of Mengniu milk (400ml or so), egg white 2, white granulated sugar 2 tablespoons (or tightly condensed milk sugar up, so that more Hong pure)
1) first milk in the pot you can just boil (burn for a long time will destroy the protein, also can not afford to Naipi the end), and then poured into a large bowl, then you can see the milk from the surface layer of wrinkled Naipi Results.
2) take an empty bowl, add 2 egg whites (egg yolk separation method must have everybody, and do not say), two spoons of sugar, stir until sugar dissolves (do not play too long Otherwise, change the egg foam)
3) and other milk cooler temperatures, the use chopsticks to Naipi punctured, then slowly pour the milk with egg white in bowl, stir, then slowly back into the left along the Wanbian There Naipi the bowl, you can see Naipi will own float.
4) Finally, the milk in a pot and steam for about ten minutes, using chopsticks from the middle of piercing, do not explain all the condensed milk out, and you're done Rights.
first layer Naipiganxiang, the second layer of creamy, a perfect match, named \Like it can join the lotus seeds, red beans with steam, it is rich in nutrition, beauty Jiapin Oh.
tips: 1. to use whole milk, fat content,juicy suit, the higher the better; 2. milk to boil to release a while, so Naipi have time to fully condensation; 3. use slow fire slowly cooks, the milk just all condensed on from heat, taste the good old

ginger milk curd
fact Traditionally, ginger milk curd milk production requires water, but in general can be a pure milk. Best espresso with Mengniu milk or light. tx have to look at the production date of the shadow of melamine Oh ~ ~ still ~~?~~< br> practice:
ginger washed to remove skin, you can use juice machines, juice extractors to squeeze out spare ginger . I use multi-function device to the cooking ginger ground into Velvet, then spoon the ginger out of the backlog.
one component of a bowl of milk, 1-2 spoons of ginger,Versace Shirts, mainly to see if you can not spicy
more concentrated ginger, a spoon or you have.
need to heat the milk, add sugar at this time to deploy to your favorite sweet, hot after the flame. Need to heat the milk to cool to 70-80 degrees, in fact, easy to master, you taste the milk, probably about the temperature feel on it. No test can directly take the thermometer.
Well, now ginger milk curd, and a few to note
can not get into the milk and ginger inside the milk into the ginger must be the fact can not be said to fall
income, which should be into the ginger juice, to at one go, not off, the hub on a rushed, otherwise I can not condense. Best when it has a little red.
so-called ginger milk curd that is the case.
when the milk into the ginger after the Do not move, quiet and wait for the condensed milk, if the ginger is good
5 minutes will be condensed, I have to do is five minutes buttoned up:)
General wait 5-15 minutes, milk will be solidified, it seems a little thin Bi Buding state.
can be hired to take a spoon to eat, you can spoon on top of ~ can be sustained bearing a ~
teaspoon ok this is a very suitable for winter to eat dessert.

milk br?lée
places ~ the difference between it and the custards I still do not see ~ ~
milk, rock sugar, eggs
1, the milk, rock candy into the pot together, a low heat to fully dissolve the grain off the heat, cooling backup.
2, the egg opens, quickly stir.
3, to cool the milk by adding the egg mixture has been made good mix.
4, Place the bowl in the steamer, the first bowl of steaming hot water isolation will.
5, the last to join the egg mixture a good stir over a bowl of steaming fire about 10 minutes.
For the same reason: coconut milk br?lée, ginger milk br?lée approach is similar.
If you do not add sugar, milk replaced by water, add a little meat, add some shrimp, vegetables,Wholesale Air Max shoes, and it became another one here called ~
Steamed Egg ~ ~ ~
Tip: To stay in a egg shell Oh, since Add two eggs on an egg shell of milk (or water). This increase, then without the experience of people who can make the eggs are water Oh ~ ~

sesame paste
material (4 ~ 6 weight): 200g black sesame, white rice 1 tablespoon , crystal sugar, water 8 bowls.
moisture Tips: To cook a paste with sesame paste texture, must be off the BMW; and would like sesame paste incense that came alive again in a little white sesame seeds should be boiled together.
1. the black sesame and rice washed, soaked for 2 hours.
2. the black sesame, rice and 4 bowls of water into the mixer, stir 5 minutes, stir the sesame and rice to the whole rotten.
3. will fall in the fish bags of sesame rice milk within the fabric, the screening so that more slippery sesame paste. (Such as tea compartment, be separated more than 2 hours)
4. To 4 bowls of water and rock sugar into the pot, melted, add sesame rice milk, low heat while cooking, while stirring, cook until paste Serve .
black sesame paste the nutritional value of black sesame paste
utility fare better than milk, food and much more slippery skin, less wrinkles but also make the color red white skin. Also can cure constipation.
people to lose weight using diet, because of their nutritional intake is not enough, the skin becomes dry and rough. The sesame contains the material to prevent the body fat lecithin, choline, glycogen, so much will not eat sesame fat.
in the diet, weight loss, if the food with the sesame seeds, rough skin be improved.

Yoji nectar
Simi about 50 grams (small sago, a good cook),
mango mango 2 (other mango can also, if the small about 4 mango, mango mango fiber is very fine, the key is it good taste),
Grapefruit 1,
papaya 1 (preferably Taiwan papaya, particularly delicious),
1 can coconut milk (can use coconut milk), three flowers 1 can evaporated milk, a little rock sugar (sugar can be).
1, sago into the boiling of water, high heat 1 minute after the stamped boring to transparent (about 25 minutes, so the fire than had been cooked Province), with filter sieve candy in red with cold water net, drain and reserve, Note: If this time sago not transparent to step 4 can also cook.
2, the fleshy dug up a mango, pulp beaten with a mixer, Tip: To cut into small pieces, blender should we do to fight Oh. Another from the meat cut into 1cm square-shaped, alternate.
3, Grapefruit is best to buy imported red meat, nice color and fragrant; will gently rub the meat after stripping out the casual aside.
4, the crystal sugar melted into water (water and sago about 1:1), poured into sago boil about 2 minutes (step 1 in Simi if not transparent, making one more here Council), the entire pot into cold water Jin Zhao, to accelerate cooling.
5, when the sago down to 40 degrees below, to join the three flowers evaporated milk, the amount subject to liquor color again in the color of milk; then add coconut milk, the amount determined to smell the coconut.
6, then add mango juice, stir, taste; If you find enough sweet words, to reconcile what can be added caster sugar.
7, the last to join grapefruit and mango Rou Li, growth, food can be placed in the refrigerator freezer.
Kim Hong creamy of Gan Luqiong pulp, and taste creamy like silk. Spoon spoon fruit, incense, sweet, sour taste, refreshing

not thrown
Dongkeng sugar, \the number of Rights), peanuts (you like), eggs (1)
1 directly to the glutinous rice flour with water creamy pink pill, cooked with water.
2 using a hot syrup in wok cooking, the cooked flour balls have been put there. Cook until well-mixed powder pills and syrup off the heat a can.
3 Sprinkle with crushed peanuts or shredded fried the fried eggs Bansi, you can increase the taste ~ eat up, pink pills taste sweet cakes slide, Xing Wei greasy, shiang overflowing, suitable for all ages .
1 fried peanuts is their own home, without any oil put sugar ah ah ah like salt. Bought raw peanuts Scoop out the fragrance directly on the pot, and the skin can be quickly lost ~ Jen pinching the skin and open mouth of a blow Rights ~ skin can blow the Rights ~ ~ ~ but sweep the floor very painful ~ Last crushed peanuts on it ~
2 fried eggs silk; is to Beat an egg. Put a little oil in pan fry thin in on it.

sugar is not associated with rejection of marriage between men and women, located in Dongkeng, Dasan, Hengli simple conservative towns in the village, when a lad of matchmaker with a blind date to the woman's home, if the woman agreed, then cook \off \pairs. If the woman does not agree to this marriage, then break up eggs cooked dried bean syrup, put the man to see on stage is the dried bean sweet soup, you know that this marriage \

Sweet potato soup
material: sweet potato 500g, rock sugar 150g, ginger 1 large crushed
practice: 1. sweet potatoes peeled, washed Qiehou block (horned look better), with water Dip half an hour, frequently changing the water when soaked. 2. The flood and ginger into the pot and add 3 cups of boiling, and then put sweet potato, fried with a low heat, about 20 minutes (depending on thickness and sweet potatoes may be), add rock sugar melted and boiling, you can eat the.

white fungus dessert
papaya papaya are rich in vitamins a and c and fiber, soluble fiber which will help the balance of blood lipid levels, but also digestion stomach, indigestion with diet of effect. The role of a breast Oh ~
Tremella nature, sweet light, there is Yin and lungs, Yang Wei, Sheng Jin, Qi, Bunao, the effect of strong heart. Not only suitable for all women and children, the sick person after the weak health, and rejuvenation of female beauty has a good effect. It is said about the effectiveness of Tremella and bird's nest ~ ~ So I really super love the ~ ~
this Tremella Tremella Road, papaya syrup is an absolute count of nourishing dessert. Intake of energy Yin and lungs, moist skin, preventing premature wrinkles, keep skin tender, anti-aging. Treat hot cough, dry cough without phlegm, etc..
half a papaya (about 200 g), Tremella three flowers (about 20 grams), crystal sugar (50 grams).
1, will be soaked with warm water bubble Tremella hair, wash torn into small pieces, papaya peeled seeded, cut into small pieces;
2, white fungus, papaya and rock sugar into the pot with , the additional amount of water to boil, then turn Let the soup simmer for 30 minutes -1 hour, you can eat.
1, wolfberry fruit or seeds like people, can also be added according to their preferences, How many pieces will take 10 wolfberry fruit or seeds cleaned with white fungus with papaya stew pot that is placed can;
2, simmer the time depends on the degree of Tremella Shulan, if some white fungus is not very good boiled, you will need an appropriate extension of a number of cooking time.

kelp green bean dessert
materials: green beans 200g, kelp 25g, Vanilla (also known as stink grass) 2g / tangerine peel (dried The tangerine peel) 1 small,
crystal sugar, water, adequate
1, mung bean: lazy, then washed Baptist and a half hours on the side of the stand-by, if you want to taste good, get rid of mung bean shell.
2, Vanilla / Citrus: If you put dried tangerine peel, then we would use the water until soft, scrape the pans, wash clean, dry herbs, then wash
net on it. Like a little taste of the chopped thick, do not like to eat a bit on the large cut, but not tightly,
tightly there is no flavor of the.
3, kelp: soaked and cut into short paragraphs, like to eat them up a little taste of the cutting width, like the delicate little thing on the chopping
4, while in dealing with materials, to open a pot of boiling water, the green bean, vanilla / tangerine peel, seaweed into the pot, the fire burning about 2 hours, when the cooker is to remember to add water, or very easy to paste , or will burn into sugar syrup.
5, when the green beans were rotten pot, just add crystal sugar, according to your taste, then boil for 15 minutes.
so good to drink green bean soup on the pot better.
1, direct heat to eat (all year round are appropriate!);
2, refrigerator, ice, then eat (summer refreshing and tasty!);
3, Add hot rice balls to eat (once to meet the two wishes!)
1, mung bean can quench their thirst urination, swelling under the gas, Jieshu arrests restless, hot, good for stomach. Because the bean is cold and cool nature, spleen
Deficiency, stool pulpy, kidney shortage, low back pain, cold limbs and who are not eating.
2, seaweed and laver similar functions. But do not dip too long kelp as dip for too long, it's iodine mannitol (with swelling diuretic function) will be dissolved to.
cool and soothing, detoxifying diuretic, cough, skin can reduce the virus (such as acne).
(In addition, the Cantonese are the mung bean porridge, but it is not lightly to eat, but also green beans have to burn sand, but also deployment of wide leather like drugs, said that if they are not too cold and cool. Even so, the general body weaker, or consider themselves virtual loss of the people, met or politely declined the invitation.)

eggs, dried bean dessert
material: dry 10 grams of dried bean, eggs 2 , crystal sugar, ginger a small piece of
1, eggs cooked peeled;
2, dried bean dip in boiling water 20 minutes, remove and drain;
3, water 5 cups and boiled with ginger, combined with dried bean, with Simmer over low heat for half an hour, adding rock sugar and eggs and cook for 15 minutes.
tasty tips for:
boiled eggs dried bean sugar, eggs, the first three play
: Beat the eggs in a bowl and then into the syrup, the syrup that taste out of a more dense, as Like eating soup;
second: After shelling boiled eggs into the sugar, so sugar water out of a more sweet taste, eggs slippery, but it feels almost put eggs and egg hold onto third
: Direct hit sugar in cooked eggs. Lose out this sweet syrup, but also because with flower-like protein in the slightest embellishment, more creamy taste.
picture is the third approach, the effect of O ~ ~ In fact, I still prefer the third approach ~ can do eggs, sugar and heart Well ~ ~

sugar Bean Bean Series Advanced practice:
yuba gingko barley sugar
material: dry 75 grams of dried bean, ginkgo 75 grams, barley 38 g, 2 eggs, 150 grams of crystal sugar, 8 cups of water or appropriate
1, barley cleaned, separated the water, on the side of the reserve;
2, dried bean soaked, ginkgo, hulled, and then use hot water for a moment, torn clothing, to the heart;
3, cooked eggs, peeled;
4 , boiling water, the ginkgo, barley into a pot for half an hour, then add dried bean, rock sugar, rock sugar melting pot to be cooked eggs, shelled and placed in
sugar in, cook until just cooked barley Serve.
Effects: ginkgo and barley have the effect of clearing heat and dehumidification, hot weather, when bored, or chest, burning some gingko barley sugar
eat, to remove heat, the body relaxed.

lotus lily red bean paste
material: red beans 500G, Bailian 30G, Lily 10G, dried tangerine peel appropriate, crystal sugar is about 500G
1, first washed red beans, lotus seeds , Lily, clean water for two hours;
2, boil water, the red beans (soaked beans and water) have dried tangerine peel, lotus seeds, lily into the pot;
3, later in the boil Simmer over low heat 2 hours, and finally with a fire burning about half an hour;
4, burn to red beans and there is adequate water from the sand, you can add sugar to taste, sweetness according to their love.
1, red beans do not dip too long, at most one to two hours, no time can not dip, do not use hot water.
2, dried tangerine peel Do not use too much, but use good.
3, half-way to water, but the proportion of beans and water depends on personal preference, of course, red bean paste can not be cooked too little bean,
bean soup can be diluted a bit.
4, rock sugar to last the next, or cooked red beans will not rotten.
5, the last to switch to the fire to burn in order to be able to boil red bean powder into sand.
1, lotus seeds are well-known drug nourishing food, rest for peace, lower blood pressure.
2, Lily can Buzhongyiqi, warm the lung and cough; fresh products are cough, only chronic bronchitis, lung disease treatment only hemoptysis.
3, Health and southern red beans, spring hair Jizhi? Jun more willing to pick this thing most Acacia.

lotus lily family ~
moisturizing anti-wrinkle lotus lily white fungus soup
Material: lotus seed, lily, with 60 grams of white fungus 28 g, 240 g crystal sugar.
Method: lotus seed, lily, white fungus are processing wash, add cold water till soft, add water for 640 grams, put crystal sugar, can be eaten steamed into the cage. Taken 2 times daily 1 to 2.
utility: replenishing spleen, nourishing the heart fluid, nourishing the heart tranquilizer, anti-cancer cancer prevention.
Note: All cancer patients poor appetite, malnutrition, food inflation after the epigastrium, heart palpitations anxiety, nocturnal dreams, forgetfulness, fatigue, weakness, tongue dry and Deng Jun edible.

fruit sago
material: sago, milk (or coconut milk), fruits (strawberries, watermelon, apples, or your favorite fruit).
characteristics: both refreshing it yangkeng.
: 1. sago into the clear water in the wash, then put a pot of boiling water, the sago into the boiling water. (Note: To cook one side while stirring with a spoon, or sago will stick to bottom of the pot)
2. Cook until translucent sago, sago and hot water and then separate, cook a pot of boiling water to just boiling to good water, sago translucent and then separated into boiling water and cook. Has been cooked to full transparency, the boiling water is tossed away.
3. cook a pot of milk, put a little sugar. (Recommendation: use coconut milk instead of milk, coconut milk will be more fragrant if like coconut milk, milk can be.)
4. Sago in the milk poured into cooked, do not cook too long. The cooked sago milk in the fridge until frozen. Simi Well, the supercooled water, it will Q's.
5. Finally, your favorite fruit into cubes and put in can be frozen sago. Drinking myself to drink some good mood!
fruit can not be put to cook oh ~ ~ ~ will sour Oh ~ ~

bird's-nest soup
materials: 15 grams of bird's nest, optical parametric powder 10 grams, a little rock sugar.
1, bird's nest soaked for removing impurities.
2, along with clever stew will be adding all the ingredients.
3, boil after adding rock candy, all the material Jieke food.
4, If you like sweet little man, How many pieces can be added dates seasoning.
because the nest is very top of the material, if suspected of bird's nest high cost, can be replaced with white fungus to stew, there is still a good effect.
Ingredients: bird's nest (50 grams)
seasoning: rock sugar (30 grams)
production process
1. dried bird's nest up hair after the wash.
2. take pot, pour in the water, add crystal sugar, dissolved open, skimming foam float will be a little hot about bird's nest hack, fishing in the soup inside. The pot of soup to boil, pour in the soup pot inside the can.

crystal sugar raw stew
Sydney: Sydney 1, rock sugar (or honey) 100g,
steps: 1. the Sydney peel, core and cut,
2. to Sydney, some water under the wok, the small fire cooked,
3. poured into the container to be warmed by adding rock sugar (or honey), because more than 60 degrees will reduce the rock sugar (or honey) and nutritional value, and mix thoroughly after edible.
function: lung, cough.
I like to add some white fungus or lilies continue to boil ~ ~


Where home is home

Today, travel to Hefei, call ahead to the flowers and her mother, and then I called to his mother, then go to a distant aunt went to the next, listening to talk a lot of the old aunt before things go back a little excitement, insomnia, and write something.
small, family living in three large tile-roofed house,Brand shirts, or grandfather built the house in the 193x years, 94 years, save some money home only flip houses, That was several years in the big sister to the wages of all to their parents, parents with incomes barely cover up their own houses, houses with wood or wood on the old house that year,Cheap Air Jordan, several decades later, Chai Fangzi time wood frame is still strong as ever. From 3X to 94 years of long days, parents are able also very responsible, very thrifty savings, relative income is not bad, but it has been unable to build new house, it should be said more should be attributed to the age of reason ; now our brothers and sisters a few of the revenue will go home basically to build a house a year; but many now think of the children who work in the city, if there is not much expected revenue growth in the loan to buy more N suite, and then, as if my parents did for four baby, then all dependent on a college is extremely difficult to do.
home after the new cover houses, you catch my college, so in the new house to live is definitely the little, now I think back to when traveling to school, holiday home that was still in that memories of the kind of dismay and home away from home kind of urgent. Just the work of those years, often called home, deeply appreciate the kind of attachment to parents, what do my parents always like to talk a little bit, most of the time my mother answered the phone, and my father like the edge of Comments Therefore, when the father has just died, began calling my mother,COOGI shirt, always a little difficult, seem to hold the father in the side of feeling; it flowers a few days and how her mother would like to locate a fight when their relationship, driving one day when suddenly the bright, and with a long time,ED women shirt, on the same family, and brothers and sisters, also with 10 years, ah, if defined as a family relationship, and then how did not need words hurt each other.
occasionally dream home in mind when thinking about the family's old house, dreams of their parents or their care so much at home there are houses there, it's because home still ah , where a home is home, there are deep thoughts will have a dream around the soul Soul, inadvertently, revealed the true depth of feeling is the memory. 相关的主题文章:

Wine Village

to the end of the year, went to the wine season, the tragic death a few weeks in the past few days at least had a short break, Zuiyan dim in the world actually a lot more fun than usual, but when drink alcohol than their own but by the time drinking wine on the people, also lost its original charm.

something to drink,GUCCI shirt, should also be Naoguo lot of jokes. The first drink is in the university, the early 90s when a few students who dig a 10-dollar, then buy a few bottles of more than two soup ditch, random point on some dishes, also people die like a dog drink up, began importing a little spicy, a few glasses down, also drink more fluid, and the next day wake up and feel a little headache,LV women shirt, eyes a little flower, how to climb on foot from the school's lower back, and How to climb upper berth of the bed, it has no little impression had.

drink after work on a lot, just work a few years, more and more number of students and universities, or drinking, there are times in the South near the drinking, drinking drink riding car child from South slope flying out and hitting his eye, it was estimated that the terrorist may be a bit like the other students opened my eyes and looked, and then very happy to say no or bad eyes, but after the ride car to take me to the Drum Tower Hospital, go to the hospital on the way back he told me feel chilly, and before that, his eyes still bleeding a lot,Cheap Air Max shoes, running down his back down stream it to the hospital, doctors took out two fingers dangling in front of me and then asked me a few, I was very uncomfortable and forced back inside the depressed not only grabs a doctor's finger, thinking me as a mentally retarded ah, then see the chart on the next day wrote, sane.

as relatively forthright character, so easier to drink more alcohol, but drink a few basic all because of white wine + red wine drunk in. Overall, the relative resistance of a single species is also OK, but Gongchoujiaocuo, the wine is water, Well Well, whether it be white with red side up and finish it wants.

drink roughly two-stage, and wine on the nervous excitement of the suppression period. So often short-lived excitement, what comes next is the heart of the depression the next day. Do something every other day has always felt that there is no spirit,Brand Bikini, especially after the sad drunk, depressed heart + cold stomach, then wait for them to iron out the stomach with repeated ironing.

eldest sister is a doctor, and I and his older sister said, separated by half drunk once, when a more thorough gastric lavage, to be a clean-up of the stomach.