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north face apex - and 8-speed card to fly

low car vehicle description (turn)
by manufacturers in order to:

1, Decathlon

Decathlon your side of things in general, but there are two Decathlon entry mountain bike, high cost, first show for it. First, vitamin

499 mountain bike, hard fork, variable speed drive systems are the most low-end, in fact, between mountain bikes and food between cars, but its performance is definitely worthy of the price. At least the size of a standard rack, enough strength, speed is also good and bad can become
, and this price on a wide variety of other means of transport vehicles are often special-shaped frame, the legs can ride straight to a problem. The car is completely adequate for cycling trips, and hard to find on the same price class
like cars.

second is 1299's rockrider 5.2, compared with the same configuration and price of the car compared to a qualitative leap. Say this because a similar price with Giant's ATX 670,690, and Merida warriors are pro 7 with the transmission speed Xuanfei
, Xuanfei intensity is not high and with other sports car for the future Standard accessories need to do a lot of changes when, strictly speaking, the car with the rotating flywheel can not be considered a qualified sports car. Transmission system above personal feeling rockrider 5.2
of loading is also a good idea: a good dip with a little (EF50), before and after the allocation of low cost in order to save a file (before the C050, after Atlus), after all, refers to the allocation of the contributions of precision or speed to be larger. Another said rockrider 5.2 rims
also a little better, there is no comparison too. Rockrider 5.2 weakness is the front fork, adjust the amplitude is almost negligible, but soft, high-speed ride on the road would be more disadvantaged. In addition, according to people who used the tire mat response rockrider 5.2
less than recommended for a.

Decathlon 799 low-end entry-mountain car there, in fact, 499 of vitamin plus a great dish of fork, is not very recommended. Rockrider Series upward there rockrider 6.3,8.1, 9.1, which rockrider 8.1
people have used after that good, but have not started the car, described omitted.
As for road bikes, road Decathlon 1999 is indeed a very high price, but unfortunately the rim is 650C, inner tubes and tires to buy is not easy, in a roadstar roadstar or use case better.

2, Giant

honest Giant entry vehicle since January 2007 after the full price has nothing to recommend things. Hard before the bora and the hunter as a fork around $ 600 low-end car is still very good, but unfortunately these two cars was discontinued.
Now feel a sense of superiority that is the only Giant bike shop to buy up more easily, as experienced is not to say no after-sales service. However, Giant or simply write about the most common entry vehicle configuration and pricing:

Giant in recent years, about 1,000 yuan out of the new , Hawk, etc., prices are generally the thousand or so, I know these cars are not too, if anyone is interested can write about a serious
. In general, or do not recommend using these cars as entry vehicles, because their positioning was not actually sport utility vehicles, cost-effective and ATX series or Melitta warriors have compared to the larger difference. If you can not buy the
then pick which of these series of models with no shock, because such vehicles plus a low-end suspension fork style tend to add 200-300 dollars, is worth. Also not recommended to buy with the rear suspension Ucan series that airs after the shock of
absolutely tasteless, diarrhea force on the ground, get to play another downhill or not enough strength to fly level.

ATX 670: seems to have price increases to 1298 or 1398, the frame may be a little better intensity, or kits with the rear derailleur and SIS Tourney first call, other things have nothing worthwhile to say, the dip is the EF-29, the flywheel is 6-speed Xuanfei
, and there is no quick release.

ATX 690: ATX 690 after the price increase of more than 1,500 have been sold, and said that some places sell 1590, is silent ... ...
ATX 690 higher than the overall first gear 670, rear derailleur replaced Atlus, TEKTRO brakes replaced, and the chain, rims, seat, etc. also have improved, and a front and rear wheels are quick release. Unfortunately, the flywheel still use 7-speed Xuanfei, very sad place,
should be the most expensive car mounted rotating flywheel, right? Another 690 and 670 of the shelf can be safe disc brakes, of course, have to change with the change, then the hub.

ATX 750: actually rose by 200 dollars, now 1898, and in fact, before the U.S. Rita prices can still compare the Duke, and now ... ...
ATX 750 higher than the 690 has a grade, can be regarded as the standard of sport utility vehicles, and 8-speed card to fly, rear derailleur replaced Acera, the front derailleur or SIS, you can upgrade to disc brakes.

ATX 770: in fact, the previous ATX 755, later models changed to 770. 770 would feel pretty good, Alivio front and rear dial, the new Acera crankset, Manitou adjustable front fork, this configuration can still sell 1998 yuan. Now
rose 2198, I do not know what to say.

mentioned above is the new Giant mountain bike series entry, the frame is a trapezoidal pipe rack. Another model has been discontinued ATX 660, ATX 680 and ATX 740, respectively, equivalent to ATX670, 690,750 put on the old tube frame, he may place his
there are some minor changes, there is no comparison over hard to say. These are the preferred entry has been mountain bike should now be only a small amount of stock, the price is probably cheaper than the products of their generation 100-200, the previous price of around
is ATX 660: 998 元, ATX 680: 1298 元, ATX 740: 1698 yuan.

entry and then introduce the Giant road bike:
or start with the speeder-x pseudo-road vehicles such as talking,north face jackets for men, after all, speeder-x, but is filled with cars. Giant low-end

Speeder-1: in fact, single-speed speeder-x, as long as 398 dollars. speeder-1 can be seen as bending to the 28 big bar. In fact, there are cost-effective, but disappeared for many years on the market are models, not much to say.

speeder-x: the streets of the most common speeder-x accessories quite low, rims, 27 inch, the shelf is not standard, 700c wheel set to be installed in the hard knock speeder-x above,
Then there speeder-x brake poor braking ability worrying , speed is more accurate out of the question. 02 section of the speeder-x 698 previously sold, should now be discontinued early. The speeder-x 05, 100 dollars more expensive, frame, brakes were improved,
rim into a knife ring, and looks more like a real road car, but the actual performance improvement is limited. speeder-x really can ride faster speed, but because of these reasons, it is not recommended as the entry-road vehicles. Of course, s
peeder-x 28 bit like a big bar, or the more rugged, and get roadside car repair stalls can also repair, if not afraid of pain, then hand the transformation brought about when the station wagon okay to meet the ordinary The bike tour is completely self-sufficient.

speeder-lx: upgraded version of the speeder-x,north face jacket women, a 700c rim replaced, the original tire width is 25, but the 700c * 23 can be used as a road tire. Also variable speed, brake improvements are great, of course, parts are still the lowest
file with shinamo things axis is not sealed, the flywheel is Xuanfei, also vice sideways with a brake handle. Road car but want to play really tight budget who still can consider speeder-lx, new selling 998. Note that there are two
a place, one high beam mode dial to reach out and become easier to get out of control, and second, there is no real road car that the Vice-brake handle, and just speeder-lx for the road when the car is vice may be four to explore that and then throw out the brake.
course, speeder-x and speeder-lx also belongs to discontinued models, do not know that there is no inventory to buy.

Windspeed 700: not really ride too, are speeder-x generation product, it should be, and almost 05, speeder-x.

Windspeed 900: belonging speeder-lx generation product, good-looking lot than lx, the performance difference was not significant, but some of you, like after the 1158 price, unconfirmed.

briefly about the weather vane the next series, has a very classic entry road vehicles.

windmark, windmark-1, windmark-2 models are very old, now largely in the secondary market can only see 01 version of the old weather vane is already almost extinct.

01 version of the old weather vane is roughly equivalent to speeder-lx, but the frame is very light steel frame, windmark body is to spend a few words, and occasionally you can see it in the secondary market.

windmark: previously sold 2998 production years, and almost 3300 with a full set of kit (if only the teeth of the drive is not sora), Cr-Mo steel. Good place to start road car, in place above the basic package, but round group dishes.

Windmark-1: 1999 before selling, but also has been discontinued, with a half set of sora, once the hand has become the most expensive entry road with cars, of course, parts are also used in the most entry-level. Also if there is no change of the weather vane with a hand-1, cheap 400

Windmark-2: 1298 before selling, has also been discontinued, and now it seems it was used when the food truck ... ... windmark-2 did not use sora, using a more low-end of the 2200 suite, another relatively large The question is weather vane -2 flywheel or Xuanfei
, intensity is not high enough, it may shake a few sprint car flywheel to die.

windmark-x: 1598 block, do not know can not buy, and wind superscript -2 compared to a lot of light shelves, flying flywheel with a card, but unfortunately the central axis remains dishes. Also do not know why or vice sideways added a brake handle. No matter how
what that weather vane weather vane -2, or-x are barely considered entry-road car, the reason for that is mainly because there is no hand barely changed. Road vehicle with no hands, then the one hand, the slow response to change and unsafe, on the other hand to dial if the game speed
behind the driver on pole then your intentions will be clear about the attack to speak of hidden . Road car race scene rapidly changing, sensitive enough, accurate speed is very important, thus giving rise to Dura-ace and Record such
expensive transmission.

weather vane -2200/2500: weather vane wind superscript -2 -1 halted alternatives like wind Standard 2500 wind standard 2200, prices were sold before 1398 and 1598, these two cars I did not ride, just because the school was to take their chance when the food trucks have
carefully observed. Weathervane -2500 2200 suite, 8-speed freewheel, rear derailleur is a type never seen before, not sora; weather vane wind superscript -2 -2 200 looks similar to beam change, 7-speed Xuanfei.

OCR series is still regarded as the next entry vehicles, but I am not very clear on OCR series, only briefly.
OCR 3500: OCR series which be most familiar with the car, my first game is borrowed OCR-3500. Shelf is Aluxx aluminum frame, it was said shelf OCR software, but I did not ride too good to not see any more cars. Other parties are quite satisfactory to
entry road vehicle equipped with, sora 8 speed system, dual-axis clip device, Giant rim of the low round of the group, prices actually sold after 2758, close to the price of Merida roadstar race, and Khan. There are also OCR-
1, older style, not seen kind, found a bit like pictures and OCR 3500 almost said, and OCR-3500 only a fork is not the same.

OCR-2: change hands without OCR, with the 2200 kit, flywheel speed is 8. Previously been seen riding on the road. Also if there is suite with 4400's OCR-7, and OCR-3 and OCR-3300, have unfortunately not seen the kind, good

seems to have sub-ZIP-1 and ZIP-2, but common only ZIP-1, generally as a road car to use, the speed is good, but strictly speaking part of cross-country road vehicles, wide tires, V brakes, suspension seat post. ZIP-1 from the design point of view be regarded as a good
long-distance car, of course, part of the grade is not high, still using the SIS system and Xuanfei.

very standard station wagon, the previous price of 1,700 yuan, now do not know do not have to sell. ARK is designed primarily for continuous long-distance travel for many days, 700C rims, butterflies, suspension fork and seat post, with the Acera mountain speed
system, fender and set up only for this, so the car fast enough, but the weight-bearing ability, comfortable to ride, mountain bike long distances more than ordinary advantages

I do not know why, Merida thousand dollars below the low-end car almost did not see, Therefore, from the Warriors series begin with. Of course, Merida fact quite a few thousand or so of the mountain, such as the lion, who are more familiar with it if you can add

Warriors: The biggest advantage is the price, 998 dollars. Probably corresponds to the Giant ATX 670, tourney rear derailleur + low-grade aluminum frame + 3 * 6-speed + a vegetable dip fork, but the front wheel is quick release of the band. There is also a warrior DX, using a switch to
, cheap 100 dollars, not seen in-kind.

Warriors pro: very popular model, is an enhanced version of the Warriors. Atlus replaced the rear derailleur, front fork adjustable (adjustment range is very small), before and after the quick release, and 1298 yuan, the price is high. And Di farmers the same price of the car compared to the deficiencies in the 07 version of the Warriors pro
on the flywheel still use 7-speed Xuanfei strength upgrade when there are problems and needs a big shake. (06 card version of Warriors pro is flying, but the front fork worse than the 07 version)

Warriors comp: put wire disc warrior pro, to 1699, if not often, or by extreme dense muddy grass lot and the budget is limited, then it is not taken into account, the price of the disc brake mountain bike it is ... ...

Duke (Duke): very high cost of the car, the price is around 1600, 06 and 07 are common , the frame 07 made enhanced treatment. Duke is more standard sports car, the 8-speed systems, sealed bottom bracket, TGs adjustable front fork, after the call is Acrea of ??

another Duke Duke series is also pro, pro with a rockshox J1 Duke fork, rear derailleur is alivio's, M465 cable disc, around 2600, has not started the car. Then there are the Duke and Duke 2007 pro a file was added between the Duke of RS
, what a pity never seen.

another entry Merida mountain Alexander and Victoria have two women's car, the price and configuration corresponding to the Warriors pro and Duke, but the shelf into the oblique beams, painting is more feminine, not here a chance to say carefully.

Also worth mentioning is the pioneer, a special station wagon, the price is 1700 yuan. Advantages: power hub with front light, soft cushion, shock absorber rod ride, comfort is good, butterflies, a variety of gripping methods, long-distance riding comfort, and no tube,
high for the back pack bag get off the case from the front, five-way above the handle,north face mens, easy to carry to mention, there are fenders, rain water will not be thrown, both before and after the release pack package. Disadvantages: tooth plate easily deformed, butterfly sponge rain water, the weight of large, medium
axis is $ 10 that the VP, not the quick release front and rear wheels, front fork is also poor. Next, tell us about

Merida road bike

this part is very difficult to write, on the one hand Merida thousand dollars below the low end of road vehicles is rare, indeed no way of knowing; the other hand, Merida entry naming system is very confusing road vehicles, such as are common 903,904,905 ROAD series,
EXTREME series and the European version of the three, so inevitably there are some omissions, I hope someone can come out to add.
from old to new in accordance with, the order from low to high to introduce:

rapid (EXTREME) Series:
rapid 900: I ride a road bike first, and speeder-x as belonging to the bottom of the product, previously priced at 648 yuan, disappeared for many years. Shelf is aluminum, but relatively light intensity is not high, intensity rim is even worse, the brakes are not good, then ride the 13 km
Xinzhuang on rear-end, and severely deformed rims.

rapid 901 and 902 I did not ride, especially 901, seen only once in the car shop, estimated inventory goods, as long as 598.902 seen two but did not take a good look and feel is the speeder -x the level of the car.

rapid 903: I have the throne, is an old model, but it seems there are stocks to buy, and 1298 yuan (right channel, then said to be cheaper). 903 is positioned similar to the rapid scale-2 wind entry road car, the frame is steel, heavy, variable beam
speed is changed, the central axis is the axis of vegetables, wheels are very heavy sword ring, clip device is a single-axis clip device, it is difficult to pack. The only noteworthy is the rapid speed of 903 flywheel is 7 cards to fly rather than Xuanfei.

rapid 904: 903 compared to the frame and replaced the aluminum frame, of course, your 200 dollars.

rapid 905: rapid series of other car models are 01 years old, but rapidly out of 905 is 04-year road vehicle, 7998 yuan for low-grade highway, has not started the car, this is no longer mentioned.

Road Series:

Road should be 02 or 03 models, as a rapid series of upgrades to arise.

Road 903: less common models, the flat road, flat road with the r440 to dip +2200 suite 2198 yuan, but I only saw pictures of other things well talk nonsense.

Road 904: the so-called 9042, roadstar predecessor, the same price and roadstar is 2248 yuan. This should be a real Melitta entry road car, is very popular model that year. Configuration is the standard entry road with
home: most of the sets of sora kit, low-grade knife ring, ordinary aluminum frame.

Road 905 not started the car, I will not mention

F at the beginning of the new series:

F-800, 801
introduced together , a 568 yuan, a 648 yuan, 900 and 901 rapid alternative Melitta most low-end Frame is aluminum, rims are very nice looking knife ring, on the speed
be a little faster than the speeder-x, lighter weight, but the actual collision results show that the Melitta this grade is far speeder-car x strong.

F-810, F-820: just a legendary car, the car shop asking many did not see. F-820 and speeder-lx is said to be similar to the model, 998 yuan.

F-830: 1500 the following entry , seal axis, in addition to no other hand has become as the entry is good.

05 years after the new series:

Roadstar (Rangers): Road 904 generation product, very formal entry road vehicles. Shelf painting is very beautiful, as is quite satisfactory entry vehicle configuration: most sets sora, TREKO axis folder, normal tooth plate, knife ring round
normal group, and ocr main advantages compared to the price, 2248 yuan. Note that roadstar frame is compressed frame, that the tube is relatively long, short upper body, legs might not meet.

Roadstar Race: upgraded version of the Rangers, the high hand transforms into a file of R500, crankset, hubs also have to upgrade, the price is 2998 yuan. If the game needs and budget can still be considered adequate if, after all, sora was indeed very slow.

Merida and some other entry vehicles are not road vehicles is also very high cost, it is worth mentioning that there are 6998 yuan and 07 Phantom Thunder version of the replacement product.

Phantom: half carbon frame, carbon fork, 105 kit (incomplete), titanium arch seat package, Alex 320 wheels

Thunder: TFS aluminum frame, carbon fork, kit is 5500 and 5600 mixed, Shinamo R561 wheels

famous Ping Road Wheels Alex 320 much to say, R561 R560 wheel set is an upgraded version. It is worth mentioning that the foreign group to do a high-end round evaluation report, even mentioned the R560 wheels, reports and other products listed are all ZIPP 808
top accessories like ah ... ...

Also to mention is that happy victory, the brand of car paint fancy,north face jackets cheap, looks much like the high-end cars, and low prices, 400 can be purchased high-tensile steel frame, front and rear shock to avoid
, shoulders front fork, rear disc brakes, shinamo18 high-speed off-road vehicle This car is good or not to buy it back as your sports car,
cherish life, away from the scrap metal. Of course, we can not say hi win entirely on the car in such poor get money, I understand that in recent years, like seriously did indeed win several decent mountain bike, but unfortunately this is not research, not a lot of that < br>, who will really like to buy when the winning car again to add it.

As for the other domestic brands, such as permanent, Phoenix, three Adams, Flying Pigeon ... ... unfortunately I have not found that cycling can be used as entry-car models. Have to say is that the domestic bicycle industry is very deformed, the blind pursuit of
cheap and fancy, have made earnest sports car instead of the Chinese name out of the Chinese market early. Previously made dare to install disc brakes on the street less than 500 For this car, or the phrase: Live Life, from scrap metal.

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