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The figure appears in a white light

Metallic gray Timberland UK forehead again, form a vortex, then that strange whirlpool Central opened a small black hole, the robot look back, a white conical light irradiation out of that black hole at the forehead, a The figure appears in a white light. Biological robots standing next to one knee on the ground, his faceNike Air Shoes showing a devout expression. That light and shadow in the shadows wearing a pure white robe, tall, bald, fuzzy shadow kept flashing, and therefore can not see his looks.

Anna is an extremely hollow male voice, as if from the void, you are now able to see me, our planet has been destroyed in a vegetative state war, on this blue planet, also the last remnants of our wisdom metal life blood , you have to find them, and lead them to the final Timberland Sale UK  special furnace, the highest temperature inside can be transferred to tens of thousands of degrees Celsius, put not take a few minutes, then open, not to mention the ashes, even if it is good to leave a little dust. A bodyguard press a button metal cabinet, metal cabinet above the metal door slowly open, while another bodyguard ready Timberland UK when dragged into, issued boom bang huge floor sound behind him, Finally, only twice could hear screams.

Ding-dong, ding-dong sound of water droplets kept down, dark, smelly smell musty, one high cement pipe flow with a small group of Blackwater. Timberland UK body lying straight Nike Air Max Shoes on a five or six meters square cement table hair arrhizus erected, that angular face, although binocular Yuandeng, but it is without the slightest angry, even the chest but not minor ups and downs, let alone breathe. Beside him stood the robot, eyes closed, face expressionless, so quietly stood motionless. After about two minutes, the robot s eyes suddenly opened, the previous pair through red eyes has changed back to the ice-blue pair of ice blue Timberland UK eyes suddenly shot two beams of the thickness of the blue thumb The beam of light to focus in Timberland UK forehead.