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Innocently back oath first poems

Looking lake clear, the fish jumping, a cleansed my heart there is a lake, the lake is you, and at the moment I think for the heart fills the lake, to build the best as one clean lake until the two sides of new green spring breeze was blowing, I go from here? Sum written from the War fanatic v. to what year?

Innocently back oath, first poems write sad, I ask monarch visible? You travel time. I daydream to wrote a lot of letters, one could not, and I will definitely not fat, I had three retain you, you end up silent silent departure, your silence hurt me deeply, like like my dignity at your feet pain, today I'll never forget you unfeeling story louboutin shoes hurt you to stay in the bottom of my heart, the world is big, no land, once on the day crying uncontrollably, blame.

God is unfair to me, cheap supras blame fate too cruel to me, but I do not care how resentment, know that you will never come back, never demanding you will come back, because you leave, I did not know, I not only do not pester not cry, and I would like to live a better life, only for all the love I can miss does not stop, I do not know I had occasionally remembered?