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Security systems Kata Margahayuland

Want to try to install a security system at home by making use of an old computer? It was not difficult, you know. Robert Siciliano, a security expert based in Boston share tips:

Security systems Kata Kata Bijak Margahayuland porfil


Update your old computer operating systems as possible. Then connect to the internet.

     Install a simple webcam with built in microphone and controller movements, along with his speakers. Webcam settings to fit any area in the house that we want to monitor.

     Download Skype, telephone and internet-based video conferencing. Then install it to a computer at home and a computer or laptop that we use to work in the office. Make sure all computers are equipped with a webcam.
     Create two different Skype accounts, one for your home computer, one for the laptop or computer that we use the remote. Create two different usernames and login settings so that they automatically once the computer is turned on.

     Set up with a home security computer software remote access of technology, which can be downloaded for free on the web. This software will allow us to access the remote wherever we are. Be it in the office or on the road, we can control our computers in hospital security.

     Always log in to the security of our computer systems wherever we are. Use Skype to call from a computer / laptop remote us, then answer the call through a home computer.

     That way, we already have a home security computer that can be controlled directly from the remote. We can monitor what is happening at home via webcam, as well as to zoom to the entire room. Our voices will also be heard with through the computer speakers.

Security systems Kata Kata Bijak Margahayuland porfil

If you see a stranger enter the house, call the police immediately. Warn the thief was to go through the speakers, as if we are in the house.