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Front of door bell

Is blocking up the road, they say, said an officer. Ah, these damned Germans, they don't know their own country, said another. Which division are you? shouted an adjutant, riding up. Eighteenth. Then why are you here? You ought to have been in front long ago; you won't get there now before evening. The silly fools arrangements, they don't know themselves what they're about, said the officer, and he galloped away.


Then a general trotted up, and shouted something angrily in a foreign tongue. Ta-fa-la-fa, and no making out what he's jabbering, said a soldier, mimicking the retreating general. I'd like to shoot the lot of them, the door phones blackguards! Our orders were to be on the spot before ten o'clock, and we're not halfway there. That's a nice way of managing things! was repeated on different sides, and the feeling of energy with which the troops had started began to turn to vexation and anger against the muddled arrangements and the Germans.

The muddle originated in the fact that while the Austrian cavalry were in movement, going to the left flank, the chief authorities had come to the conclusion that our centre was too far from the right flank, and all the cavalry had received orders to cross over to the right. Several thousands of mounted troops had to cross in