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Of chemical substances. As long as there are traces of this substance, you can play on plant growth and development to promote or inhibit the effect, but can also cause damage by excessive role in the discovery of this substance, to the garden provides a control of plant workers growth and development of new methods.

plant growth regulators can be divided into six categories, namely: auxin, gibberellin, cytokinin, abscisic acid, ethylene and growth delay agent.

(1) growth hormone auxin is the first discovered

plant hormones. Is widely distributed in higher plants, is mainly focused on the organization of vigorous growth, flowers, growth hormone commonly used is similar compounds, with Cai acetic acid, acetic acid stamp roar, roar noise acid ,2,4-D2, 4,5 a T and so on. It significantly promoted the growth of the role and stimulate cambial activity, the formation of new roots, induction of single-sex results and other fruit development.

(2) GA GA

exist in the plant shoots, young roots, immature species in the embryo and other young tissues. From many different types of artificial production has now been through fermentation. Most used for the gibberellic acid GA3. GA's role is to promote plant elongation, the lifting of seed, tubers, bud dormancy. Can partially replace the role of low temperature and long sunshine, and promote long-day flowering plants and biennial plants, can induce inhibition of single-sex results and aging. Great impact on the growth of new shoots, the role of the root slowly.


cytokinin cytokinins, including a variety of natural and synthetic kinetin similar substances. Kinetin exist in the natural line tip, root, immature seeds, germinating seeds and growing fruit. Flowers commonly used cytokinin, 6 benzylaminopurine, zeatin, kinetin and other, whose role is to promote cell division, cell body expanded to shoot differentiation, lifting the top edge, to promote lateral bud growth, inhibit senescence and so on seeds and buds have to break dormancy, promote the role of germination.


body exists in higher plants. Young and old of various organs and tissues contain acid, but different organs and different content of different developmental stages, in going to fall off or go to sleep with higher levels of organ or tissue. The role of abscisic acid and short day approximation, can stimulate a number of short day flowering plant material, or stop a number of long-day inhibition of flowering plants, affecting tuber formation, promotion of leaf senescence, and dormancy.

(5) ethylene vinyl

is a variety of plant tissues, is highest in the mature fruit. Other organs, flower, leaves, stems, roots, seeds produce ethylene. Combustion also produces ethylene. Ethylene can promote the discoloration of ripe fruit, leaves, and senescence can promote,UGG boots, inhibit organ elongation, the promotion of certain flowering plants, to promote gender transformation of certain plant, multi-female differentiation, but also can inhibit some of the flowers are not differentiated. Ethylene is a gas at room temperature, application is limited. 60's made the ethylene, which is acidic liquid, spraying acid decreases after the release of ethylene gas. It promoted the production of ethylene in plant growth and development on the application, use it to heart infusion lines, soil water, foliar spraying.

(6) growth retardants

limited stem growth retardants inhibit the plant and extension of the top growth advantage hatred, and promote the role of zoning of Health and collateral. The types of flowers used quaternary ammonium (AmO a 1618), CCC (CCC), amber phenolic acid (B9), Malay ether (MH) and so on.

Second, the growth regulator application

plant growth regulator application on the flower progressed very quickly, but it has a dual nature, properly used, can improve flower quality, cost savings, General conservation measures play fast is not to shed the role played in promoting the development of flower production: But if used inappropriately,UGG shoes, the opposite effect from the Bay Caterers. Therefore, when used with the type of pus degree,Discount UGG boots, plant varieties, the application of the plant on the site, usage and environmental conditions at the time (such as temperature, light, etc.) should be kept in strict attention. It make more use of powder or solution, powder can be sprayed,UGG boots clearanc, sprinkled, dipped, coated. Liquid can be watered roots, local immersion, dispensing, and stem and leaf spray.

plant growth substances in flowers on the application:

(1) to promote rooting

obvious effect of IBA, low concentrations of 2,4-D also effect. After use can promote the azalea, camellia, plum, osmanthus, smiling, Milan, magnolia, bougainvillea, purple shield and Carnation roots, layering has the same effect. There are three agents to use: ① impregnation method: the type of root easily use a lower concentration, the type of root is not easy to use slightly higher concentrations. Usually impregnated with 50 cuttings of a 100PPm base, for about 12-24 hours. ② quick dip: a 500 IBA 1000ppm, impregnated cutting the base of 5 to 7 seconds. ③ powder Use: the compound by adding talc, dose is 0.1 to 0.3%. Cuttings with the base when the first wet, then dip in flour or dusting.

(2) promote seed germination

false nut seeds soaked with 100ppm of GA for 24 hours in advance germination. Cyclamen (rabbit flower), yellow orchid, petunia, primrose in the liquid can be dealt with early germination. Iris is dry before storage soaking with ethephon, can germinating.

(3) to promote the main long growing enhance empty, to prevent aging

rubber trees buried by the Department to promote rooting 100ppm Naphthylacetate after, and then transferred into a mud 500ppm naphthylacetate, dip coated in the root , then the basin, the growth will be significantly accelerated. Fuchsia cuttings take root in the post, will accelerate growth by gibberellin spray.

(4) the plant height, increased branching, flowers intensive, individual plant can

beautiful chrysanthemum, poinsettia, Mu-Ying Rong, hibiscus, Cineraria, dwarf geranium plants increase the collateral, resulting in a dense, round the body, the amount of 1000 ~ 3000PPm KT KT African Violet a dip in the 24 hours, the petiole may be a large number of adventitious buds of Health; coated with 1% BA orchid roots, can contribute to students Shoot , when used in small begonia cuttings on the chip, can give birth to a lot of side shoot leaves. Euphorbia sprayed with 500ppm, an increase of its branches, effects, and topping the same. In addition, after CCC treatment, significantly reduced the still crest stem, Coleus, carnation, amaranth, hydrangea, glass Tsui and so on. Plants were significantly reduced after using the B9 have cosmos, marigold, zinnia, chrysanthemum and so on.

(5) control of the ABA sleep

20ppm dormant deciduous plants, and books can improve cold hardiness. 500 ~ 1000ppm GA painted peony bud dormancy, germination and growth of a few days. 100 ~ 200PPm GA Baptist sleep tuberose bulbs, may promote germination.

(6) decreased breathing, extending the life of flowers with a 6BA Baptist

chrysanthemum, carnation, aspartate, can reduce plant respiration rate, from Preservation. 10ppm GA with the geraniums sprayed when young, can increase the flowering time of 2 weeks. Flamingo line at a certain temperature immersed in the solution containing cytokinin, can reduce damage in transit, enhanced cold tolerance.

(7) Flower organizations support the role of the wall of these chemicals

organ formation in tissue culture plays an important role in the adjustment. Greatest impact is the auxin and cytokinin. The proportion of organ formation by both the control of auxin concentration is large, enabling the formation of roots; cytokinin than from, it can promote the formation of buds.

three, with the plant growth regulator, must pay attention to the following questions:

1, must be close coordination with the cultivation techniques

growth regulator, not nutrients, and only regulate the growth and development of plants, so it can not replace the normal metabolism of plants, but can not leave the proper cultivation techniques, in order to obtain high yield, we must make use of growth regulators in close coordination with the various cultural practices. For example: the use of Ethrel cucumber, can increase the number of female flowers, reasonably, the results of many more female flowers, is bound to increase production, but in fact if the water, fertilizer deficiencies, mismanagement, although the more open the female flower, the flowers can also cause the results, or is the end of fruit, but fruit is very small, still can not reach the ultimate objective of high yield.

2, plant growth and development must meet the external environmental conditions

plant growth regulators can not replace the normal growth and development of the necessary light, temperature, water, gas, etc., if only pay attention to the use of growth regulator, plant growth without attention to meet the necessary external conditions, the same can not obtain good results. For example: the Guangzhou Spring Festival every year like the kinds of people in pots planted daffodils, Narcissus species should be as beautiful, we must first know how to be positive Narcissus plants need plenty of sunlight, to meet this condition, based on the use of plant growth regulators, to make Narcissus dwarf plant type, branches thick, dark green leaves, flowers and more, long flowering period to improve the ornamental value, becoming a favorite to spend dwarf narcissus.

3, use of plant growth regulators to a bogey Five Note

pharmacokinetics fertilizer. Plant Growth Regulator is the regulation of in vivo material, the use of plant growth regulators can not replace fertilizer and other agricultural measures. Even if the regulator is to promote the type must also have adequate fertilizer and water conditions can play a role.

two bogey changing concentration. The proper use of growth regulators technology, including the proper use of time, the correct use of concentration and correct use. Of the three, any one part of control is not good, or a problem, it will directly affect the results. Flowers on the use of plant growth regulator concentration of more stringent requirements. Concentration is too large, crisp floral leaf thickening, deformity, or the leaves dry off, or even the whole plant dies; concentration is too small, to achieve their results. Therefore, do not arbitrarily increase or reduce the concentration. Different plants, or of the same species at different growth stages, or the application of different purposes, use of technology require different technical requirements must be the correct action.

three bogey does not seek time. Use of plant growth regulators according to their type, duration and efficacy cultivation needs, determine the appropriate use of time, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

bogey against four days. In the arid climatic conditions, the solution concentration should be reduced. On the contrary, the use of abundant rainfall, should be appropriately increased concentration. Application time should be controlled after 10 am, 4 pm until 4 hours after application to make up facilities in case of rain.

Five Note random mix. Mix of several plant growth regulators or pesticides, fertilizer mixed use, although reduced employment, comprehensive benefits to play, but must be generated after a thorough understanding of mix based on the enhancement or inhibition decision mix. Such as leaf Po, Penshibao acidic, not with alkaline pesticides, fertilizer mix; Plant Power 2003 can only be used in a variety of crops on water, if the other pesticides, fertilizer mix, not only would not achieve yield effect, and also reduce fertilizer, resulting in unnecessary losses.

attached: Plant Growth Regulator Table

use plant growth regulators have a wide variety of uses, it can be said from the seed germination, root, leaves to flowering and seed, then the formation of seeds, and post-harvest preservation of fruits and vegetables, seed storage can be used to control growth regulators. Listed below in tabular form for various uses and the name of the growth regulators.


for the name of the plant growth regulator to extend storage organs


fresh green pigment, NAA sodium salt, Methyl.

breaking dormancy for germination of gibberellin, kinetin, thiourea, chloride ethanol, hydrogen peroxide.

promote leaf growth

GA, 6 - benzyl aminopurine, brassinosteroid, triacontanol.

promote rooting

IBA, NAA, 2,4-D, than for a long time, paclobutrazol, ethephon, 6 - benzyl aminopurine.

leaf buds inhibited the growth of

MET, Uniconazole, CCC, than for a long time, Pixar, three iodine acid, fresh green pigment, pink embroidered Ning.

ethephon to promote flower bud formation than long, 6 - Benzyl amino purine, NAA ,2,4-D, CCC.

GA inhibited flower bud formation, regulation phosphine.

flower and fruit thinning

NAA, carbaryl, ethephon, gibberellin, indole cooked ester, 6 - benzyl aminopurine.

protecting flowers and fruits

2,4-D, NAA, PCPA, GA, CCC, than for a long time, 6 - benzyl aminopurine.

extend the flowering period

paclobutrazol, chlormequat, ethephon, than for a long time.

induced female

ethephon, NAA, indole acetic acid, CCC.

induced male


keeping fresh

ethyl vinyl glycine ammonia, ammonia oxygen acid, silver nitrate, thiosulfate silver.

formation of seedless fruit

GA, 2,4-D, PCPA, NAA, 6 - benzyl aminopurine.

to promote fruit ripening ethylene, than for a long time.

delayed fruit ripening

2,4-D, GA, than for a long time, kinetin, NAA, 6 - benzyl aminopurine.


6 - benzyl aminopurine, GA ,2,4-D, KT.

increased amino acid content

MET, PCPA, indole cooked esters.

boost the protein

PCPA, simazine, atrazine, NAA.

sugar content increased by Gan phosphine, phosphine regulation, Pixar.

promote fruit coloring

than the long cooked indole ester, MET.

increase the fat content

NAA, fresh green pigment, plastic pigment.

increased resistance

ABA, paclobutrazol, than for a long time, CCC.

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