Advancing Environmental Governance in China美国佛蒙特法学院助力中国环境治理

Advancing Environmental Governance in China美国佛蒙特法学院助力中国环境治理


Xinhua correspondents have been encouraged to pick up the microphone and talk in front of the camera since its English TV channel CNC World was launched in July 2010. As one of the top ten in Xinhua's first anchorperson competition in 2009, I have occasionally done some programs for the channel as a host, a script writer or a voiceover announcer. In July 2010, I took part in the summer program of Vermont Law School in the United States, where I got to know a group of great people as well as the impressive US-China Partnership which helps advance China's environmental governance. Then I decided to do a video story about the program, whose script also got approval from the boss of my department's TV desk. With the help of the school's only cameraman Bill Bonn, we finished shooting and initial editing after about 40 hours of intensive work. Unfortunately, a TV editor told me she would only use five minutes of the 20-minute program after shelving the story for two weeks. Then I made a tough choice to give up the whole program instead of picking up a small part of it. It is definitely not a perfect program, but it worths more than five minutes. I'd rather not air it than chop it. I'd rather say sorry to all the people in the school than give in to the editor or the boss. I'd rather upload the whole video to Tudou and Youtube than bury it in some other programs. By the way, Tudou and Youtube are weigh more popular than the CNC World in China or anywhere else. Thus the program you are watching right now is NOT an official product of CNC World, and even the logo of CNC World pasted on the microphone is a papercut by Bill. But as an authentic Xinhua correspondent, the US-China Partnership in Vermont Law School, on my honor, is really a good program that deserves media coverage in China. And I promise I will be back someday, to finish what is regrettably not done today. Cheers to Bill Bonn, John Cramer, Adam Moser, Melissa Yeoh, Erica Gies, Edward Wells, Gregory Jarrett and Sophia Miao.


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