Hainan China Ecotourism Travel to Save Sea Turtles

Hainan China Ecotourism Travel to Save Sea Turtles


Our China Eco Tourism Program is for tourists and travelers who want to have a meaningful and responsible traveling experience while touring China. Instead of visiting the crowded touristy areas of China, eco tourists will be guided to areas less frequented by tourists, hence more natural and pristine. They will experience three (3) unique eco tours: volunteer to help endangered sea turtles, trek and hike the beautiful Hainan Island tropical rainforest nature reserves, and stay at a geothermal natural hot springs resort. This program is ideal for families or groups of ecotourists traveling together looking for a meaningful vacation in China. For more info, please go to: http://www.seaturtles911.org/program/ecotourism.htm


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